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For people drawn to the heart of shamanism, Lendrick Lodge, resting at the foot of Ben Ledi which was the gathering point for Celtic Druids, is a magical place to heal and train under the wing of shamanism.

Lendrick offers shamanic courses and shamanic spiritual retreats in the traditions of Native American, Toltec, Celtic and other lineages that lead to an expansion of love and empowerment. You also have the opportunity to train to a very high level with our Shamanic Practitioner training course

Shamanism refers to a range of traditional beliefs and practices concerned with communication with the spirit world. There are many variations in shamanism throughout the world, though there are some beliefs that are shared by all forms of shamanism.

Giant Steps at Lendrick Lodge provides experiential training in Shamanism. The shamanic spiritual retreat courses are taught by Stephen Mulhearn and other invited teachers from around the world.

Stephen combines rituals, theoretical talks, and his remarkable capacity for directing energy towards healing and deeper happiness. His groups comprehend and integrate deep spiritual gifts and use his teachings to create lasting changes in their life. Storytelling, music and his mischievous Celtic spirit aid your journey of transformation.

2013 marked a new way for Stephen to train practitioners. Stephen now weaves his anthropological studies in ritual and ceremonies from his honours degree, with ancient and contemporary ceremonies of healing and manifestation.

“I now wish to go deeper into the roots of shamanism for my groups. Providing rock solid theory and a practical base for all the practitioners I train, so that their healings can create miraculous results for their clients”. Stephen Mulhearn

Studying Shamanism in the Heart of Lendrick Lodge

As soon as you step into the ancient Celtic grounds that Lendrick Lodge rests on you will feel a sense of homecoming.  Studying the world’s oldest spiritual path, Shamanism, at Lendrick Lodge gives you access to what Shamans for millennia have been sharing.  They have shared the importance of experiencing and learning these ancient rituals in the beauty of natural wilderness.  Within the heart of Scotland’s only National Park you will explore, discover and fill up with the energy of nature.  Visit waterfalls, experience the Celtic magic within ancient woodlands, watch the sunrise over Loch Venacher and you are starting to imagine your Shamanic course at Lendrick Lodge.

Stephen Mulhearn (BA Hon) has years of experience in teaching transformative workshops. Stephen received an honours degree for his film about spiritual transcendence and has written academic papers on ecstatic ritual. His academic study of anthropology combines with years of experiential training.

Stephens’ Shamanic Training School was created after he was personally selected and trained by Sandra Ingerman (the former Educational Director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and author of Medicine for the Earth and Soul Retrieval) to continue the training of her Shamanic courses.

Stephen is also the assistant teacher to Spiritual Master Peggy Dylan.  Peggy, who had an experience of enlightenment at 12 years old, was trained and initiated by a living Indian Saint called Sadguru Keshavadas.  This lineage is at the very heart of Stephen’s teaching.  In a joy filled environment you will laugh, heal and amaze yourself at the inner gifts the Shamanic courses at Lendrick Lodge awaken.

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