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Experience the healing, cleansing and purifying that comes from the journey of a Native American sweatlodge at Lendrick Lodge, resting at the foot of Ben Ledi (gathering point for Celtic Druids for centuries) in Scotland. This ritual and ceremony is guaranteed to leave you feeling reborn and ready to take the first steps in the rest of your life.

Celtic sweatlodge ritual

Sweat Lodges are a rite of passage that allow Woman and Man to return home to the Creator’s heart, one of the last remaining doorways into a world of deep healing and spiritual connection.

Sweat lodges have deep roots worldwide. They have been taking place for thousands of years in North America, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Australia, Iceland and within most primitive (the word primitive comes from the Latin primitivus meaning ‘first born’) cultures across the globe.

Most indigenous cultures believe that there was a time, thousands of years ago, when the human race could communicate directly with the Creator. In this not-so-distant past, it is believed that every living man and woman could connect with Spirit, the Creator, God, or whatever name you feel represents the Infinite Power.

Since this link was broken, Medicine people, healers and Shamans have kept the connection alive. The Sweat Lodge has been passed down through generations as a doorway to this ancient birthright and a way home to the heart of Spirit.

Sweats have survived for millennia because of their remarkable healing ability. Inside a Sweat Lodge, you will feel like a baby in the womb again, your heart beating for the Mother of Creation. In this open communication, the cord is reconnected. You are truly Home.

A Sweat Lodge is one of the last remaining doorways allowing you to reconnect with the power of Spirit.

Guided by an Initiated and experienced teacher you will be part of this ancient profound ritual that purifies and cleanses the physical and spiritual. This is an incredible opportunity to be guided towards your higher self!

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