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Two year Apprenticeship in Mastery with Peggy Dylan & Stephen Mulhearn

Two year Apprenticeship in Mastery with Peggy Dylan & Stephen Mulhearn.

Peggy Dylan is offering a comprehensive two-year training program in spiritual effectiveness. She will be training a dedicated group to fully live their spiritual nature.

In her youth she worked with an Indian saint who moulded her into the teacher she is today. She has seldom shared these private methods, as they take time and dedication. She is delighted that in the Sundoor Spiritual Leadership Training she will be able to pass on the spiritual methods Sadguru Keshavadas used in her initiations. Benefit from the spiritual training that has allowed Peggy to have such a powerful, positive impact on tens of thousands worldwide.

The Sundoor Spiritual Leadership Training will be held at Lendrick Lodge and Stephen Mulhearn will co-teach with Peggy Dylan. Stephen will be teaching you to use the powerful and dynamic shamanic tools that he uses personally to shape his life and build Lendrick Lodge’s remarkable success. Peggy and Stephen are deeply guided to work over an extended period of time with a spiritually dedicated group.

The time is now…

…become spiritually effective and do something remarkable, become an inspiration to the world!

Live your spiritual nature completely and experience the increased energy, joy and awareness that comes from working intimately and in a dedicated way with teachers of Mastery.

With focused intent, coaching and spiritual direction, you will see remarkable results in a very short time. This unique new program of deep, inspiring and effective work is a powerful rebirth into beauty and capacity.

Over two years, you’ll refine and grow to new levels of possibilities with four week long trainings, webinars with Peggy, Stephen and guest teachers plus focused group resources to take you all the way!

Unchartered breakthroughs and levels of bliss await.

Be the change the world is ready for with Sundoor Spiritual Leadership Training

Week 1 commencing April 2018

The Sundoor Spiritual Leadership Training will start in 2018 and it will end in 2019. Due to the depth of the work we’ll only be able to take a limited number of people. Please contact Lendrick Lodge to be sent details and an application for participation.

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