Advanced Reiki Training Course

An unmissable weekend for everyone who loves and practices Reiki. It’s time to take your results to a new level of blissful breakthroughs!

Victoria Lyons (BSc Hons) has sculpted this certified weekend, only available at Lendrick Lodge, bringing together the most powerful strands of all her healing training. The result is a powerful course in which she passes on deeply transformative gifts, enhancing your life and that of your students. We often hear that this is the course that, “Brings it all together!” Following Second degree, which is a wealth of knowledge and endless possibilities, this course is the next continuation.

If life has got too busy, and your practice has reduced, this weekend gets you back on track. It’s time to re-energise your spiritual gifts and unfold a more blissful spiritual practice. If Reiki is already part of your daily life, then you will
increase your healing capacities, both for yourself and your clients.

This course is taught once a year and no time restraints are required from Second Degree. It is a continuation and deepening of your ability to practice Reiki and turn up its effects in your life and the world. Students from all lineages of Reiki are welcome to train with Victoria here at Lendrick Lodge.

This is the heart booster that your soul demands for the next stage of your life awakening.

‘I’ve been bursting with energy most days. I’ve been working with the mantras a lot and feel deeply connected with Dainichi Nyorai especially. I find that I’m getting a much stronger and quicker response from other people after treatments now too – the healing was always deep but the flow of energy feels much more potent than ever before.

I had a huge personal breakthrough on my journey with ‘love and compassion on all levels, in all situations’ and realised it’s no longer work in my mind for me to get to that place of compassion, I naturally just feel compassionate and understanding almost instantly in the majority of situations throughout my day and my life which is very freeing.

I finally fully understand and embody the concept of wholeheartedly forgiving someone even if they’ve done the unspeakable to you which is a place only a couple of years ago, I never thought I would ever get to. Now I’m passed forgiveness and I actually feel compassion for them which is nothing short of liberating.’ Sam


Get ready to experience:

• A booster attunement to further cleanse and clear your energy fields and deepen your healing gifts of Reiki
• A refinement of the three symbols and programming practice
• An increase in confidence in giving other people treatments and a module for those wishing to charge clients and become more professional with Reiki
• The beautiful energy of The Medicine Buddha, whom you can invoke into your Reiki practice
• Many new techniques of healing, including recovery of lower back pain and transformative rituals with the sacred breath
• An introduction to two new symbols to enhance your Reiki practice
• The Reiki principles in Japanese and a deeper history of its teachers

Booking & Course Info

Advanced Reiki Level One 2023

Course Dates: 13th January 2023, 2:00 pm - 15th January 2023, 4:00 pm

Course Costs: Course: £245 Reduced to £225 if £100 deposit is paid by 30th September plus food and accommodation from £170.

Deposit: £100*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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