New Year Retreat into 2024

Being held, loved and supported. Like an ancient Celtic woodland full of diversity, where the unique life-forces collaborate to create a uniquely powerful and magical space of grace.

In Scotland’s past, the clans were the original communities. The places where everyone worked together for collective success. The places artists, poets and creatives could thrive. Alas, in the modern world, the word ‘I’ has almost erased ‘us’. As individual willpower has become the model for the human experience, we have almost forgotten the ways of our ancestors.

Our ancestors not only understood but celebrated differences, welcoming to their clans those from across the seas, bringing new songs, new medicine and new life to life.

Many mystics, healers and seekers sought out the magical ways of the Celts. From the whole of Britain, France, Ireland and beyond, people undertook great pilgrimages to find their heart in these Celtic lands. Celtic Homecoming is that calling to you.

An invitation to stand on Celtic land:

  • To be anointed in ceremony by waters from the Druid Mountain – Ben Ledi (mountain of Light, Mountain of God)
  • To be initiated into a Celtic clan and community
  • To have ancient Celtic song sung into your soul –winds of change
  • Walking on fire, feeling transformation and deep healing
  • A Druid earth ceremony will give you roots & wings

Celtic Homecoming at Lendrick Lodge is your calling to re-find spiritual family. For the first time ever, Shamanic teacher Stephen Mulhearn (BA hons) will initiate all present into his Celtic Lineage. A braiding of Irish and Scottish traditions.

It’s easy for all of us, in these fragmented times, to feel like a piece of wood adrift and separated. This workshop helps us re-root into remembering that we are part of a tree. Furthermore, Celtic Homecoming becomes the fertile ground upon which ancient woodland is reborn.

This New Year, be initiated into ancient Celtic lineage!


Workshop includes; Sweet Music of the Soul with Annemarie Bläss

Over the decades Annemarie’s songs and chants have lifted spirits and filled lives with joy in Sundoor workshops worldwide. A perfect addition to Celtic Homecoming.

Booking & Course Info

Celtic Homecoming – A 4-Day New Year Course

Course Dates: 29th December 2023, 7:00 pm - 1st January 2024, 2:00 pm

Course Costs: Course: £395 Reduced to £365 if £175 deposit is paid by 30th September plus food and accommodation from £255. Book online, by phone or send a cheque made payable to Giant Steps.

Deposit: £175*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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Celtic Homecoming – A 4-Day New Year Course with Shamanic Teacher Stephen Mulhearn

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