Love your Body Detox Retreat Course

A Rejuvenating detox retreat weekend to experience different therapies and healing. This highly enjoyable weekend will revitalise your body, emotionally and physically. You can attend individual and group sessions with a variety of professional therapists.

Enjoy sessions that can add life to your years and years to your life! And, have some well deserved time to yourself.

The food is amazing and will add new zest to your life! Over these three days, you’ll find the perfect gems that will support you. If you are a bit run down and feeling stressed, Love Your Body Detox will be the perfect tonic. Rejuvenate your energy levels and awaken deeper happiness.

If you are dealing with poor health, the teachings over this weekend will give you tools and inspiration. The hard evidence and proof has been well established regarding the teachings and approach we share on Love Your Body Detox. Thousands of people worldwide have cured themselves of debilitating illnesses with these teachings. Bruce Bevan was overjoyed that his Candida illness was cured following the teachings from this course.

This weekend gives you the ultimate healthy reboot and sets you up to get the best from the next stage of your life.

Join two remarkable therapists on this weekend, as well as three teachers. Love Your Body Detox is only a thought away. Take action and give yourself, or someone you care about, this gift of a lifetime. Please book early to secure your place.

Looking for the following? We’ve got it covered…

  • A revitalising, nurturing massage
  • A place to chill out and meet supportive new friends with similar goals & needs
  • An introduction or restart to an energy-giving yoga practice that you’ll love
  • Up your energy & awaken your body’s ability to self-heal with the art of Qi Gong
  • Cleanse years of toxins with a rejuvenating colonic hydrotherapy session
  • A beautiful, gentle walk in nature
  • NEW section – Focussing the Body and Mind for Success!
  • Talks and handouts on how to enjoy creating a new body
  • Meditations that fill you with peace and calm, plus align your mind
  • Be serenaded by live folk music, relax and laugh well!

Course: £225 plus food & accommodation from £120. £100 deposit. Optional early arrival is available to soak up the tranquillity of Lendrick Lodge and its surroundings.

Booking & Course Info

Love your body Detox Retreat

Course Costs:

Deposit: £100*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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