Sundoor Spiritual Adventure to Peru 2022

If you are committed to embarking on a once in a lifetime quest into one of the most magical ancient cultures then this is your time to soar with the Condor.

If the last couple of years has shown us anything, it’s to not take anything for granted. These rare quests to Peru with Peggy Dylan and Stephen Mulhearn, are life changing. To work with authentic indigenous shamans, to experience your spirit soaring with the mighty condor over Machu Picchu, these are experiences of a lifetime. If your heart and soul yearn for this in-depth exposure to the ancient magic of Peru, then take a single step in the direction of your destiny and the Beloved will take a thousand towards you.

Be initiated by an authentic Amazonian jungle shaman and an Andean Priest into the magical world of Peruvian mysticism. Peggy and Stephen have found great riches in the mysticism of Peru and this has given a great base to their work in the world as spiritual teachers. Now they want to open the door for you to explore the source of magical transformation in this ancient culture. Experience a private interview with a remarkable shaman followed by ceremonies to crack open your heart and heal your past. To work with an authentic shaman of this level is a rare, rare blessing. The Andean priest, healers and shamans that you will spend prolonged time with will gift you with the ancient magic of their culture.

An incredible circle of teachers has gathered to not only believe in you but to celebrate as you step into your full power through this ancient initiation. Over decades, Peggy and Stephen have built solid bridges of trust with Peruvian shamans. This solid foundation is passed on to you through a ‘right of passage’ that is rare and sought after in these modern times.

  • Feel the morning sunrise while meditating in Machu Picchu and receive healings and guidance from indigenous shamans
  • Expand within the illuminating rituals of the Quero Indians and have the chance to experience ayahuasca with an Amazon Master shaman
  • In the land of spiritual magic, feel deep connection to the Pachamama
  • Quest to sacred mountains where pilgrims have sought illumination
  • Rejuvenate in sacred hot springs
  • Private coca leaf reading for divination from an Andean Priest

Booking & Course Info

Peruvian Quest of the Shaman – Sundoor Spiritual Pilgrimage to Peru 2022

Course Dates: 9th September 2022, - 26th September 2022,

Course Costs: Cost: £3450 (all payments are non-refundable so please ensure your full commitment to this pilgrimage to Peru)

Prices do not include airfare to Peru/Cusco or lunches and dinners while in Cusco.

Deposit: £1000*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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Peruvian Quest of the Shaman – Sundoor Spiritual Pilgrimage to Peru 2022 with Peggy Dylan, Steve Brougher & Stephen Mulhearn

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