One of the five major branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine

One of the five major branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong is an ancient system that restores health, brings inner peace, preserves vitality, builds mental and emotional strength, reduces stress and provides personal fulfillment and well-being through harmony of body and mind.

Because Qi Gong incorporates a variety of gentle breathing methods, flowing movements, and meditation, it can be practised by everyone, whatever their age or state of health. Practising Qi Gong consists of getting in touch with the energy present in the universe as well as in our own bodies, learn to gather it, make it stronger, larger, purify it, balance it and make it harmoniously flow inside body & mind.

Shi Dao Yin, the eight stone dragon Dao Yin which will be taught during this session, is a traditional old Taoist Qi Gong still practised today by Taoists in China and Indonesia. Its practice requires two flat stones, one black, one white, ideally picked by the practitioner in the pure water of a mountain stream.

Joël Carthery discovered energetic arts in 1993 by practising Yang style modern Tai Qi Quan as well as ancient Tai Ji Quan. His meeting in 1998 with his master, Pierre Lagorce, a Qi Gong expert in the great tradition of hidden Masters, determined the direction and the essence of his quest which carries on today within the Long Men Pai school (Dragon Gate School) represented in France by expert Gérard Edde.

Simultaneously, Joël Carthery trained in traditional massage, Taoist classical medicine, Occidental and old Taoist aromatherapy and mycotherapy. He also developed research and practices in old Taoist inner alchemy. He founded in 2005 La fontaine de bambou, a school which teaches traditional Qi Gong. He also trained in vibrational sound healing with Fabien Maman.

Joël Carthery

His teaching is traditional, nourished by years of continuous learning and practice. Everyone will pick in his teaching what he/she is ready to reach, from energetic basics to advanced and refined knowledge which he gradually leads trainees into.

Since 2010, he dispenses personalised healing sessions based on energetical readjustment, vibrational sound healing, essential oil healing and
medicinal mushrooms.

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Qi Gong, A Daily Art of Life

Course Dates: 19th April 2019, 7:00 pm - 21st April 2019, 2:00 pm

Course Costs: Course: £215. Plus food and accommodation from £120. £100 deposit.

Deposit: £100*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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