Rebirth of the Mystic: New Year Retreat into 2020

Has life worn you down over the last years, and your feelings of destiny diminished? Has the ‘real world’ hit you back into a place of not dreaming of the life your soul aches for? Or, do you just want more ‘wind in your sails’? Then this new course is the perfect fresh beginning.

Stephen Mulhearn (B.A. Hons) is a shamanic teacher who delivers outstanding results through his in-depth shamanic knowledge and capacity to help people transcend. He has a gift of connecting you to your ‘highest road’.

Specifically on Rebirth of the Mystic, Stephen will skilfully guide you into the depths of your psyche to shed your old snake skin and breathe and expand into new territories of possibility.

Over four days in the blissful energy of Lendrick Lodge, you will undergo a shamanic death and rebirth. Meaning that the ego that restricts, belittles and crushes dreams will be stripped away and leave behind a blank canvas. On the canvas, the light of who you are truly meant to be will be illuminated. Shamanic ceremony will unfold the raw unmanifested potential of your soul.

Just imagine…
Stephen will also give you an individual healing and guidance specific to creating the life of happiness and fulfilment you so deeply yearn for.

In our life, rare initiations give us the chance to transcend from human basic existence to mystical and unlimited blissful living. For the brave, ready to answer this call, the magical bird of freedom awaits.

This is big shamanic medicine for wild tigers ready to roar!

Rebirth of the Mystic includes:

• For the first time, a shamanic rite of passage (metaphorical death and rebirth) within the warm waters of our healing pool
• A healing, soul rejuvenating firewalk to reboot your life
• Live music to burst open our hearts with Pratibha of Denmark sharing her brand new album

Booking & Course Info

Rebirth of the Mystic: Death of the Ego – Birth of Illumination

Course Dates: 29th December 2019, 7:00 pm - 1st January 2020, 2:00 pm

Course Costs: Course: £325. Plus food and accommodation from £195. £150 deposit.

Deposit: £150*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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