Rebirth of the Mystic Hogmanay Firewalk

New Year’s eve is such an important night for us all. We want it to be memorable, highly enjoyable and ideally surrounded with kindred souls. Lendrick Lodge’s Hogmanay Firewalk delivers all of this, with the added ingredients of an off-the-scale blissful healing.

From Bali to Fiji, the purpose of firewalking is to heal the body, replenish the soul and give us new found focus for living our dreams and loving life.

Lendrick Lodge, resting on ancient Celtic ground, once the clan land of Rob Roy McGregor, has an air of mystical enchantment. The Firewalk ceremony shared by Shamanic teacher Stephen Mulhearn, will set the dry kindling of your soul on wild fire!

Just imagine hearing the bagpipes play in harmony with the river next to us as women and men from across the globe join hearts and minds for a shared quest of healing and a happier world.

We will be blessed by the soul stirring music, songs and chants of Pratibha from Denmark. A remarkable woman with a deep-rooted connection to Scotland and Celtic magic. A unique opportunity to hear her new album live and overflowing with passion. The laughter & happiness on this night is contagious!

Step into that magical blueprint of passionate living. It’s your time for an incomparable Hogmanay. Celtic shamanic teacher, Stephen Mulhearn (BA Hons), crafts this night with a mix of ancient rituals, healing ceremony and an off-the-scale helping of joy!

After the firewalk…

The brakes are off, you will leave revved up and ready for the life of your dreams. New friendships are often formed and a shared camaraderie for passionate living ripples out into the world.

Be prepared to:

• Break through limiting patterns that have held you back in the past
• Meet like-minded souls who not only get you, but support the new you
• Have possibly the best New Year’s eve of your entire life
• Not only walk across your fears, but dance into a freeing new reality

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Rebirth of the Mystic Hogmanay Firewalk

Course Dates: 31st December 2019, 6:00 pm - 11:59 pm

Course Costs: Cost: £100. £45 deposit is paid by the 30th September 2019.

Deposit: £45*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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