Samhain Sweatlodge Ceremony 2019

An invitation to a magical moment in your life. A perfect uplifting tonic for a pivotal time of year. Give yourself the soul-inspiring gift of Lendrick Lodge’s Samhain Sweatlodge!

Every year, we have a waiting list to get a place in this ceremony. Samhain is a magical doorway, merged with the loving grace of the ancient Celtic lands of Lendrick Lodge. The time is now to commit to healing the past and opening up to a life of wonder.

At this magical time of year within the Celtic calendar, you are invited to cleanse and purify your body and soul with an ancient shamanic ritual. This day is of paramount importance in the Celtic calendar (many believe this was the New Year for the Celts).

We come together to travel through the veil between our ordinary reality and the magical spirit world that our ancestors were so in harmony with. We do this via a Sweatlodge ceremony; an ancient ritual that helps us shed the past. In a loving ceremony, we let go of old beliefs, sorrows and thoughts.

Like our ancestors, we take the time on this day to stop, listen, learn and bathe in the wisdom of the ancients.

You will be heard clearly and supported as your wishes ripple out into the tapestry of life.

For centuries, people all over the world have experienced deep healing through the sweat lodge ceremony.

This ritual still exists on the planet as it always has and always will deliver results. To honour our life by giving this day to ourselves is a beautiful new start.

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Samhain Sweatlodge Ceremony

Course Dates: 31st October 2019, 9:30 am - 7:00 pm

Course Costs: £95. Deposit £45.

Deposit: £45*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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