Shamanic Training Course - Extraction and Healing with Spiritual Light

“I’m excited to see the new level of breakthroughs that practitioners and teachers will have as a result of sharing my lifelong passion and study of Jungian psychology. From deeper wisdom, new levels of healing will be birthed.”
Stephen Mulhearn

Welcome to the all new Extraction and Healing with Illuminating Light Course with Stephen Mulhearn. For the first time, Stephen combines a knowledge base of Jungian psychology for Shamanic breakthroughs.

On this course, you will integrate time served shamanic rituals with the soulful discoveries of the pioneer of analytical psychology, Carl G. Jung.

Give yourself profound levels of healing and spiritual empowerment on this course aimed at the centre of your heart. This course is also an amazing gift to offer your clients… lives are transformed!

An advanced workshop for practitioners and healers interested in learning classic extraction from a shamanic perspective of illness. Leave this workshop with the ability to draw intrusions from clients that have caused illness and suffering. Indigenous shamans remove illness from clients and then transmute this energy into positive energy that can be safely put back into the earth. As a shamanic practitioner, this course and skill is essential.

The lineage you are stepping into: Stephen’s capacity to spark transformation in people has been refined over the last 21 years by awakened spiritual master, Peggy Dylan, who he regularly co-teaches with. Peggy was initiated and trained by the Indian Saint Sadguru Keshavadas. The deeply healing, loving essence of this lineage connects you to a source of power that sparks a renewed excitement for living. Stephen passes on these ancient gifts with an enlivening spirit of transcendence.

Shamanic teachers and organisations worldwide accredit Stephen’s courses. Shaman’s Path and Soul Retrieval Practitioner Training are pre-requisites for this course. This is an advanced workshop for people who practice Shamanism.

Learn different methods and rituals to create extractions for your clients. Diagnostic techniques will also be covered, as will ways to interpret different symptoms.

In addition, this workshop trains you in a rare form of shamanic healing, embodying radiant light, bringing everything around you into transcendent harmony. New levels of bliss become the standard.

Booking & Course Info

Shamanic Extraction Training & Healing with Spiritual Light 2019

Course Dates: 2nd November 2019, 7:00 pm - 5th November 2019, 2:00 pm

Course Costs: Course: £295. Plus food & accommodation from £195. £140 deposit.

Deposit: £140*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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