New: Shamanic Graduation – Let the Lion Roar

A Shaman is a being that stands on the shoulders of both ancestral mystics and natural healers. Through the very heart of that essence comes the lineage and tradition that they are a continuation of.

Through this ancient initiation you will awaken and bring through the gifts of your ancestors to take your healing capacities to new levels of manifestation. Discover and stand proud with a deeper connection to the wisdom keepers in your blood. Learn how to direct that unlimited power to bring more love and freedom.

Stephen combines his years of experience teaching shamanism and his spiritual apprenticeship with his spiritual master Peggy Dylan to deliver a course like no other. On this transcendent weekend, Stephen brings through the lineage of his master Peggy Dylan and her master Swami Keshavadas to connect you deeply to this ancient pulsation of healing energy. This is your invitation to a right of passage that you were born to experience.

In indigenous shamanic cultures, rites of passage existed to initiate tribal members to become shamans and healers. The Lendrick Lodge Shamanic Graduation is a step through that ancient doorway.

If your heart beats for this path and you have completed the pre-requisite courses Shaman’s Path of the Heart, Soul Retrieval Training, plus Sundoor Initiation or Spiritdance with Peggy Dylan , then this graduation is for you. This weekend is a transition from ordinary reality into the magical reality of the shaman, where miracles unfold.

Shamanic teacher, Stephen Mulhearn (BA Hons), has been guided to create a weekend that mirrors back to you the full potency of your heart and soul combined.

A circle of teachers ready to rise to the
next level, be inspired to soar… And let the Lion roar

This formal graduation is an imperative step for anyone fully committed to awakening their full capacities shamanically. It has been the weekend from which many former students have launched themselves into their life work as teachers and practitioners.

Booking & Course Info

Shamanic Graduation – Let the Lion Roar

Course Dates: 7th February 2020, 2:00 pm - 9th February 2020, 4:00 pm

Course Costs: Course: £260 Reduced to £245 if £120 deposit paid before the 31st January plus food & accommodation from £130. Repeat price £130 plus F&A.

Deposit: £120*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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