Coaching & mentoring by successful creative artists and an incredible collaboration of creative professionals

If you are harbouring a secret dream of creating a piece of work that will move and inspire others, then Spark of Creation will unleash and direct your latent gifts. Be guided by experts in their field on how to illuminate your passion!

Be inflamed by creative mastery to take inspired action. A unique experience for dreamers across all spectrums of life.

From complete novices with a creative itch to scratch, to entrepreneurial spirits, writers, coaches, musicians, poets, artists and everyone aspiring to be a creative spark for a better world.

Your Teachers

Stephen Mulhearn (BA Hons) is an award-winning filmmaker and one of the Creative Directors of Lendrick Lodge. He is a strong believer that artists shouldn’t be pigeonholed into one category of creative art. On this week he will champion the multi-faceted jewel within your soul. Stephen has a unique gift of tuning in to your untapped potential, and then providing inspiration and energetic support for you to take flight.

Clive Matson (MFA) of California has taught creative writing workshops since 1978, and has inspired great works of art to find the light of day all over the world. As a teacher at Berkeley University in the USA, Clive has inspired genius in even the most reluctant souls for over three decades. Among the books he has authored, Let The Crazy Child Write has inspired people from all creative genres – writers, movie makers, songwriters, etc. Around Clive, the pencil gets itchy and the depth of beauty is astounding. Being coached by Clive, everyone receives outstanding results. Be ready to be blown away by the sleeping giant of creative inspiration that this master of creativity awakens.

Lucinda Drayton is a world-class musician who has sung in The Albert Hall and Wembley Stadium. She has also sung and spoken in Prisons, Hospitals, Monasteries, Schools and Hospices. She has co-wrote number one hits and her famous album A Hundred Thousand Angels is played all over the world.

Learn from a master how to write from the heart and be a presence of creative genius. Lucinda sings from the heart to the heart and has recently completed her 9th album. Her work is dedicated to raising human awareness and her own personal journey has led her to train as a counsellor. Lucinda is passionate about empowering the self and using meditation and music to access the divine. Her ability to create sacred space with her presence and her voice is powerful and yet accessible. Lucinda is excited about helping everyone on this course find their voice.

Dr David Hamilton (PhD) is a best selling author of nine books and an international speaker. David will teach you how to start a fire with your spark. David is an advocate for kindness and is working passionately to help inspire a kinder world. As a scientist and author David has a track record in coaching thousands of people to create their own reality. Learn proven techniques for accessing your most powerful self, and then hone the gift of radiating the light of your souls passion…to the world!

Diane Main is a practicing artist and arts educator, with a B.A. Honours Degree and a Masters Degree in Fine Art, (Glasgow School of Art), with a refreshing and passionate gift for encouraging artists to shine. As an educator, one of Diane’s core aims is to assist people in developing their own reliable strategies, focusing on the creative process, so that this enables them to be authentic in their creative pursuits. Being in the presence of Diane inspires the heart to overflow in creative expression and delight.

Alan C. McLaughlin is a double Bafta award-winning Cinematographer. From Hollywood blockbusters to arthouse cinema, he has a gift for capturing magic. Alan McLaughlin is the creative co-creator with Stephen Mulhearn making documentaries to inspire a better world. “Alan has a way of perceiving potential in even the most tiniest of seeds. From university to this present day, his ability to create a bonfire out of the smallest flame still blows me away! Learn from a master of light.” Stephen Mulhearn

Have you got a creative itch needing to be scratched? Throughout this artistic intensive you will mould your thoughts into manifestation. Whether there is a story in you bursting to come out, a song waiting to be sung, or a spirited workshop waiting to touch the world, this is for you.


And of utmost importance, you don’t have to know what you want to create, you just have to have an inner voice nudging you to explore the emerald mine of your subconscious.

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Spark of Creation – Creativity Workshop

Course Dates: 22nd October 2018, 3:00 pm - 28th October 2018, 2:00 pm

Course Costs: £650 plus food & accommodation from £360. £300 deposit.

Deposit: £300*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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