Breathwork Course 2021

Re-awaken the sacredness of holy breath. Heal yourself and hone ancient gifts to heal others in this deep submergence into the heart of bliss.

For most of us, our dream is to eradicate the effects of suffering from our past and find a way to maintain blissful lightness in our reality. Spiritdance: Holy Water, Sacred Breath is an invitation to that precious new beginning.

Like ancient medicine women and men before us, we undergo a level of transformation on this course that can only be described as a rebirth. We fill our hearts with sacred breath and rediscover the state of bliss that is our birthright. In the warm waters of Lendrick’s temple room, you are supported with love and tenderness as you unwind and remove the knots within that cause so much mental, emotional and physical suffering.

With these blockages removed, you are ready for a happier new life. This is an incomparable key to unlocking a life of wonder and guided destiny. Be ready to touch rare moments within Spiritdance, where the grace and love of life fills you to overflow.

Successful graduates around the world include: healers, psychotherapists, doctors, NLP coaches, workshop leaders and people with a deep yearning to evoke long-lasting healing in themselves and others.

Peggy Dylan has a fantastic capacity for helping you to comprehend and integrate the science and spirituality that makes Spiritdance one of the most remarkable weeks of your life. Peggy and Stephen will teach you the skills and steps that have made their work so effective.

Experiential training in:

• Breathwork – ancient breathing techniques that safely release tension or trauma, flooding us with bliss.
• Rebirthing – in the warm, holy water of our pool, you unwind the knots in your ‘internal wiring’ and birth ecstasy within your cells.
• Past-Life Regression – techniques that awaken understanding of our past and present, giving us clarity to shape a more peace and joy-filled future.

You can expect, both for yourself and your clients:

• The elimination of negative patterns that create suffering & stagnation in life.

• Deeper spiritual alignment, happiness, stress reduction, better physical health, enhanced mental concentration and increased energy levels.

Booking & Course Info

Spiritdance: Holy Water, Sacred Breath – Spring 2021

Course Dates: 17th May 2021, 7:00 pm - 24th May 2021, 2:00 pm

Course Costs: Course: £795 plus food & accommodation from £455.

Deposit: £375*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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