The Shaman’s Path of the Heart through Lendrick Lodge

Welcome to the all new dynamic and interactive online version of one of our most popular and transformative courses! This is an exciting new way for us to serve people. In response to a desire to provide a transformative training during the Coronavirus Pandemic, this new course has been crafted specifically. We personally would love if you could be at Lendrick Lodge in person, as a wonderful dynamic forms in a classroom setting together with your teacher and peers. Also the restorative experience of being in the beautiful natural surroundings of Lendrick Lodge is healing within itself. All of this said, we need to take care of each other and we want to empower you with much needed skills for the world at this time. So let’s create a wonderful new way to share the magical gift of Shamanism!

If you have already completed this course, why not support yourself and Lendrick Lodge by repeating and re-submerging yourself in this brand new dynamic format, booking info below.

The Shaman’s Path of the Heart at Lendrick Lodge awakens your gift to be a catalyst of much needed transformation in the world. Step onto this path through a Celtic doorway of enchantment.
Transform your life with Stephen Mulhearn, a Celtic teacher who excels people beyond their wildest expectations. This course empowers you to learn the fundamentals of Shamanism and can be a launch pad into advancing with other courses that develop additional skills as a Shamanic healer.

The first approach that we would recommend for this course is the following; If you are experiencing this course to develop an understanding of Shamanism, together with starting your journey in the capacity to help family and friends then simply doing this online dynamic weekend will be perfect.

The second approach that you may want to also consider, is for anyone who would like to either start working with clients and/or progress from this course onto advanced trainings such as the Soul Retrieval Training or Shamanic Extraction. For the second approach it would be necessary for you to attend in person a shortened version of our normal weekend course. The reason for this is simple, we want to give you the utmost competence and confidence so that there is a great chance that you will use this to help others in addition to your own personal healing.

This level of capacity is achieved by attending the class physically. I am sure you would want to experience the benefits of being trained in person before you deliver this loving care to clients. For this path we invite you to come to Lendrick at a future Shaman’s Path of the Heart and do a Saturday lunch to Sunday lunch in person. I am sure you will appreciate the importance of this if your goal is as described. To do this at a later date there is no course cost and you would simply pay for your room and food if needed.

Learn shamanic healing and divination! Study in the highly regarded Shamanic Training School of Lendrick Lodge. People travel from all over the world to train with shamanic teacher, Stephen Mulhearn (BA Hons).

Stephen has trained thousands of people over the last few decades into the magic of Shamanism. Following a near death experience, he ‘woke up’ to a new way of living that he shares passionately. In addition to learning to navigate within the Shaman’s world, Stephen has specifically crafted this course to inspire the unfolding of human intelligence in collaboration with a loving heart of creative power.

Stephen’s capacity to spark transformation in people has been refined over the last 22 years by awakened spiritual master, Peggy Dylan. Peggy was initiated and trained by the Indian Saint Sadguru Keshavadas. The deeply healing, loving essence of this lineage connects you to a source of power that sparks a renewed excitement for living.

Stephen’s honours degree dissertation was on ecstatic ritual. He is also a multi award-winning documentary filmmaker for the Shamanic film, Transcending The Storm. His academic knowledge combines with years of experiential training with shamans and spiritual masters.

This course is the first module for graduating as a fully qualified Shamanic Practitioner.

Take the Shaman’s Path into the life of your dreams!

Practitioners from other healing paths have found this course amplifies the power of their existing skills, as well as being complimentary. Welcoming complete beginners to shamanism, plus those already on this path.

Take a magical leap into the life of your dreams! Be supported with heart to awaken the Shaman within.

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The Shaman’s Path of the Heart New Dynamic Online Course

Course Dates: 1st May 2020, 7:00 pm - 3rd May 2020, 1:00 pm

Course Costs: Course: £175 Repeat/Re-submerge price £90

Deposit: £90*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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