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Guest Manager/PA

Guest Manager/PA

The Guest Manager/PA role is a diverse role that requires someone who can move at pace and think on their feet. For someone who has excellent confidence, high energy levels and a natural ability to get on with people and finish tasks with spirit!

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Guest Manager/PA

Lendrick Lodge has a position of Guest Manager/PA in early 2022.

A role for someone who feels joy by helping others and has a track record of getting things done. You will need confidence and a flare for keeping the energy and focus of others high and on-point. A great role for someone who receives a deep sense of purpose from being in service. At Lendrick Lodge, being in service is a wide spectrum; from helping with cleaning the retreat centre to supporting an international group hiring the centre to having the times of their lives.

This is a full time position of 4 days per week. You will mainly work over weekends when Lendrick Lodge is busiest. You can live at Lendrick Lodge or you can commute to work (if this is the case, your own car is essential).


You will ensure guests and teachers have a beautiful, supported and loving space to grow and heal in. You will also be a supportive influence for our volunteers and other team members. You will have responsibility for keeping a busy environment happy, focused and in service. The role will include helping with problems and challenges that arise.

As is required from all our team, when needed you will occasionally work in the kitchen with our chef prepping, cleaning and serving meals. There will also be occasional times were you will help clean and prepare the centre. This is a role with many hats and will be ever changing. Your presence should be one that leads by example and inspiration.


You will also be personal assistant to one of Lendrick Lodge’s directors and teachers, Stephen Mulhearn. This will involve helping with the smooth synthesizing of the different stands of the mission/business.

You will play an integral part in achieving our goals and mission. Our mission is to empower people to heal, be happy and love life. You will liaise with Lendricks directors and the other team members to achieve this mission.


The role requires great office skills and the capacity to plan ahead and organise in a time-smart way. Excellent leadership skills are essential. Having a deep care for others and a desire to be of service is essential, as is good mental health.

This role is for someone who is positive, with a loving nature that is steady with their happiness and energy levels. Everyone of our team is hard working and this role is not suitable for someone who doesn’t love rolling up their sleeves!
A supportive, kind nature is also essential. Having volunteered at Lendrick Lodge and/or attended courses here is preferred. For anyone who applies who has not volunteered, if successful in the first stage of interviews, you will be asked to come volunteer before a final interview is considered.

Joining our mission is for someone who will devote their energy, creativity and love for Lendrick Lodge with excitement! If you would feel a deep sense of fulfilment by supporting Lendrick Lodge’s mission to support people to heal and fall deeper in love with life then please apply.

You must be someone self-motivated who doesn’t need to wait to be asked to do what’s needed.

To join our spirited team and community you should already have a spiritual practice.

Please email the Lendrick Lodge office for an application form info@lendricklodge.com

If your application is successful,

You will be invited to a first interview with the centre directors. References will also be essential.

If you are successful you will be asked back for an interview with the rest of our team.

We require our team members to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Proof of this will be essential by the second interview. Following government safety guidelines, which may include wearing a mask, is essential.

As mentioned above, if you have never volunteered at Lendrick Lodge, you will be asked to volunteer before you progressing to the final stage of our application process.

For successful candidates, a third and final interview will take place with one of our directors and one or two of our other team members.

This process may take some time, but that time is essential for us to get to know each other and make sure that you are a great fit for Lendrick Lodge and Lendrick Lodge for you.

The Guest Manager/PA role is a diverse role that requires someone who can move at pace and think on their feet. For someone who has excellent confidence, high energy levels and a natural ability to get on with people and finish tasks with spirit!

Lendrick Lodge is a place of growth and transformation. This growth happens within the workshops, ceremonies and ‘Lendrick life’. We provide the opportunity for you to attend courses whilst here. By doing our healing workshops you will be practicing and living what we teach. Therefore this is a role for some on a growth trajectory who wishes to take part in our in house courses.


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