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Nepal – All Safely Home

Nepal – All Safely Home

It is with great happiness that I, and the whole group are back from our spiritual pilgrimage in Nepal

Thank you for all the positive and supportive thoughts that you sent our way. The tremendous giving of your prayers and visualizations kept us in safe hands. Our time at Nubri monastery was remarkable on many levels. Most of us cried tears of happiness at out first sight of this 500-year-old place of peace as we helicoptered in.

The love of the Nepalese people will be in our hearts always.

We spread the loving power of this magical place during our days and nights in ecstatic ritual. Together with the Buddhist nuns and monks of Nubri, we send healing and support to everyone.

I have attached a photo of this unique place in our world. May the blessing flow to you and your life.

Stephen Mulhearn

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