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Nepal Friday More News

Nepal Friday More News

American special forces arrived earlier today at the monastery and were able to evacuate part of the group out to Kathmandu. At that time the pilots had only been authorized to transport US citizens. In order to more effectively work with the authorities and manage the changing situation on the ground in Nepal, Peggy and Steve agreed to be evacuated to Kathmandu along with the other two Americans in the group. They are currently at the US State Department in Kathmandu working to secure transportation for the rest of the group and will not leave Nepal until everyone from the group is on flights home once again.

In addition, both they and Vicky have been working with the British Embassy  to make sure the group’s transport continues to be a high priority.

Our group at the monastery continue to be in good health. They have food, water and a loving and beautiful place to shelter in. As we work to get them home we know they are in a safe place and in good spirits.

We continue to send our prayers to all those in Nepal affected by the earth quake.

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