Sundoor Spiritual Leadership Training

Sundoor Spiritual Leadership Training

Train with two highly regarded spiritual teachers, who have refined this programme into a result-creating mission of bliss. This is the place to focus your leadership capacities for manifestation right now. It’s time to go beyond the lowlands of complacency and step, full of power, onto the mountain of your highest destiny.

Sundoor Spiritual Leadership Training

Imagine an in-depth two-year training course embodying the very essence of Spiritual Leadership.

“The Spiritual Leadership Course was an exceptional experience that enabled me to establish a solid and profound connection to the divine, the universe, the essence that flows through all of us. The four-module program helped me to identify my soul’s purpose and energies, to discover my divine gifts, to build trust in the process, and divine right timing. Finally, and most importantly for a leadership course, the program helped me to step into my power and to share my soul’s gifts for the highest good of all living beings, to create more compassion, peace, joy, and abundance on all levels.”

Tamara Schenk, Spiritual Leadership Graduate, 2017

Peggy Dylan – Awakened Spiritual Master

In her youth, Peggy worked with an Indian saint who moulded her into the teacher she is today. She has seldom shared these private methods, as they take time and dedication. She is delighted that in the Sundoor Spiritual Leadership Training she will be able to pass on the spiritual methods Sadguru Keshavadas used in her initiations. Benefit from the spiritual training that has allowed Peggy to have such a powerful, positive impact on tens of thousands worldwide.

Stephen Mulhearn – Shamanic Teacher

Stephen will be teaching you to use the powerful and dynamic shamanic tools that he uses personally to shape his life and build Lendrick Lodge’s remarkable success.

Guest Teachers – Learn how to Live your Destiny on a Global Level

The guest teachers over the two years share the very essence that has made them so successful on an international level. Learn spiritual mastery from outstanding guest teachers who live their life mission on a daily basis. With focused intent, coaching and spiritual direction, you will see remarkable results in a very short time.

This unique new program of deep, inspiring and effective work is a powerful rebirth into beauty and capacity. With four week long trainings, webinars with Peggy, Stephen and guest teachers, plus focused group resources to take you all the way, you are in for the journey of a lifetime!

Be the change the world is ready for with Sundoor Spiritual Leadership Training.

The Sundoor Spiritual Leadership Training will start in 2018 and it will end in 2019. Please contact Lendrick Lodge to be sent your application.

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