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What can happen during a reiki session

Each session of Reiki is a personal interaction with you, the therapist and the Reiki. No two sessions are ever the same, because we are constantly changing energetically. Reiki works on many levels and after many years of experience, Victoria believes when we receive a session we are simultaneously receiving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. We may or may not be aware of what changes are actually taking place. We don’t need to; the reiki takes care of it.

For some people, depending upon, firstly their sensitivity to noticing energy and secondly depending on what aspect of their health the reiki is focusing on, Reiki can be an incredible experience. If you are sensitive to energy, you may experience the energy as colours, or areas of heat or coldness. You may experience a vast number of different bodily sensations, tingling, pressure, a sense of movement under the skin. These are just a few. You may gain clarity of thought about a problem you were experiencing. A sense of deep love and gratitude. A deeper spiritual connection. You may have an emotional release and feel the weight of a burden being lifted or an easing or complete eradication of pain or discomfort. You may experience the session as simply relaxing, particularly if you have been experiencing high stress within your life.

As with any thing in life, time is an important factor. An illness or symptoms of 10 months is not probably going to be cured in one session. Enough reiki needs to be applied to raise the vibrational field in order that the body can heal and the organs start to vibrate again at their optimum frequency. This requires time, but healing and curing can and does occur with Reiki. Those discomforts that have not been in the energy field for too long can be cured in a few sessions.

As a physiotherapist in the past, Victoria must have given Reiki to hundreds and hundreds of people. Every one of them benefited in some way or other. Chronic back pain, headaches, osteo/rheumatoid-arthritis. Healing after operations. Epilepsy/shingles- chronic and acute. Patients in a hospice experiencing a lessening of symptoms and a reduction of side effects from medication. Whether we heal or cure is not for us to say, but everyone benefits, even if it is through, deeper sleep, more relaxation and an understanding of why we are experiencing our difficulties, which in turn reduces our suffering.

All our Reiki therapists at Lendrick have underwent extensive training with Victoria Mulhearn. If you have never had a session, we would strongly recommend you open yourself up to the possibilities that lie dormant within you. No harm can be done, and yet so much beauty can be birthed. Millions of people around the world practice Reiki, Why? Because it works and the hundreds of testaments from Victoria’s own patients and students prove it!

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