Stephen Mulhearn

The centre's director is Stephen Mulhearn, SUNDOOR Master Trainer and founder of Giant Steps.In addition to being a SUNDOOR Master Trainer, Stephen has been Initiated and given the right to teach by both Native American and Peruvian medicine people, weaving his love for Celtic Shamanism within his teachings to create a truly unique tapestry of transformation. His gifts of humour, knowledge and a contagious passion for life create courses that truly support people to turn their dreams into reality. Stephen with his wife Victoria manages the direction of Lendrick Lodge.

Victoria Mulhearn

Victoria manages the direction of Lendrick Lodge and the river retreat holistic clinic. She has a life long commitment to serving humanity and bringing more joy and love into peoples lives. She is blessed with her life long Masters and dear friends, Margaret Underwood, Peggy Dylan and Kelsang Machig whom she continues to work closely with. Victoria’s background from the medical and caring field add a professional touch to the therapies and services on offer at Lendrick Lodge.

Alison Bell

Enjoy the infectious laughter and loving hugs of Lendrick’s staff member since 1989. Alison cooks up a beautiful environment for all the volunteers in the kitchen. She is an invaluable team member ensuring the centre is sparkly clean.

Adrian Rennie

Adrian has been the Office Manager since 2006. His skills of streamlining and organising create an energy of positive success in the office and on the web. His guidance and knowledge ensures you pick the right course for you, assisting your transformation with authentic intent.

Christine Dempster

Christine is Lendrick Lodges newest member. With her professional can do attitude she switches from Stephens P.A, organising private bookings, to the roll of Office Manager, along side Adrian. She brings love and sunshine to all she does.

Nico Lewis

As Co-Centre Manager Nico's loving welcome sets the tone for your stay. She ensures the smooth running of the centre, organising the volunteers and the strategising of course preparations. Supporting teachers, guests and staff with loving grace.

Rene van Dijk

As Co-Centre Manager, Rene's dedication and attention to detail guarantees the successful running of the centre. His technical knowledge coupled with a fresh approach, stimulates ideas of positive change, from our community F.B page to the restructuring of our volunteer program.

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