Train to be a Shamanic Practioner

Shamanic Practioner Course

Train to be a Shamanic Practioner

Spirit Of Shamanism provides a syllabus and environment that graduates people as Shamanic Practitioners, creating the opportunity to earn income from doing something they love. They also join a unique circle of men and women who work, develop and blossom together, embarking on a profound, Spirited adventure.

Train to be a Shamanic Practioner

Are you attracted to train as a Shamanic Practitioner?

Vital Steps!

  1. Complete Shaman’s Path
  2. Complete Soul Retrieval
  3. Complete either Sundoor Initiation or Sundoor Spiritdance
  4. Complete case studies and recommended reading list (below)
  5. Join the Shamanic Graduation 11-13 November 2011

Recommended Reading List

Please read three of the following books and complete a 500 word essay on them all for your own growth;

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