Train to be a Shamanic Practitioner


Train to be a Shamanic Practitioner

“Over the last twenty years, I have had a heartfelt desire to train remarkable shamanic practitioners and teachers, who can weave a tremendous capacity of love, merged with a solid education in the world of shamanism. It fills me with delight to see the successful practices and workshops of graduates and students across the world. You’re invited to be initiated in the magical setting of Lendrick Lodge, a retreat centre nestled in the heart of the majestic mountains and lochs of the Scottish Wilderness."

Train to be a Shamanic Practitioner

I am a Celtic Shamanic teacher who’s studied intensively with great masters from many traditions. This has enabled me to bring home a beautiful spectrum of teachings that synthesise with my Celtic ancestry. Your training takes place below the gaze of the most sacred Druid Mountain, Ben Ledi (Mountain of Light, Mountain of God).

My intention from sharing teachings with you is that your heart connects so deeply to the Beloved that miracles blossom into existence around you like desert flowers after the rains.”

Stephen Mulhearn

Shamanic Masters who have contributed to the growing mastery within the Lendrick Lodge Shamanic School

Our constantly growing collective of world-class shamanic teachers and masters that pass on their gifts at Lendrick Lodge includes the following:

  • Native American Brooke Medicine Eagle
  • Nepalese Shaman Bhola Banstola
  • Peruvian Jungle Shaman Don Alberto
  • Andean Priest Adriel Dales
  • Apache Ceremonial Leader Morningstar

To be continued…

Your Path to Graduating as a Shamanic Practitioner at Lendrick Lodge

Other gems that are not requirements but are a beautiful addition to your medicine bag

The Journey of Death, Dying & Personal Transition 

If we learn to live awake, we can then die awake, and within that transition navigate towards a more beautiful rebirth. The skills taught over this weekend personally enabled me to support my own father in his time of passing. I could not have dreamed of a better death for him.” Stephen Mulhearn

This inspirational course is a must for anyone wishing to be of the best possible support for those ill or dying. This is also a gift to yourself that will dissipate any unneeded fears around death and open up a whole new world of living beautifully in the now.

Shamanic Extraction Training & Healing with Spiritual Light 

Leave this workshop with the ability to draw intrusions from clients that have caused illness and suffering. Indigenous shamans remove illness from clients and then transmute this energy into positive energy that can be safely put back into the earth. As a shamanic practitioner, this course and skill is essential.

Learn different methods and rituals to create extractions for your clients. Diagnostic techniques will also be covered, as will ways to interpret different symptoms.

In addition, this workshop trains you in the rare form of Shamanic Healing, embodying radiant light, bringing everything around you into transcendent harmony. New levels of bliss become the standard as you illuminate the Beloved.

A life path of mastery and a beautiful unfolding into the heart of the Beloved 

With so much choice these days, it can be hard to make a decision on what’s the best lineage of training for your unique soul. The indicator that I have personally used my entire life is what makes my heart burn bright, where is there a calling to deeper connection to the Beloved? And most importantly where will I fall deeper in love with self and every aspect of loving life to the full?

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