Breathwork & Rebirthing


Breathwork & Rebirthing

In 1976 Peggy Dylan graduated as a Professional Rebirther, in Leonard Orr's first Rebirther's Training in San Diego, California. Thus she began the long, mystical and deep journey of discovering the power of our breath. Rebirthing was Leonard's name for his conscious breathing method, at that time based on the belief that releasing one's birth trauma in this dynamic and often explosive process was the way to regain the beauty of life. Peggy then refined this pioneering work over the following four decades into the amazing week she now calls Spiritdance.

Breathwork & Rebirthing

Peggy’s experience of working with thousands of people from many cultures across the world has given her a wealth of experience that she instils into this truly unique training.

What is Breathwork:

Breathwork has its roots in conscious breathing pioneered by Leonard Orr in the 1970’s, your teacher for Spiritdance Peggy Dylan was one of the first people in the world trained and has since developed its healing capacities over the last four decades.  In a breathwork session you are lying down in a comfortable position being supported by the Sundoor teachers whilst going through a session that is deeply healing.  Your teachers guide you to consciously use your breathing to drop into your subconscious and indeed every cell of your body.  This process releases trauma, blockages and guides you to awaken raw energy and bliss filled states of being.  Over the years we have witnessed healing miracles in our trainings:

  • Illnesses healed
  • Mental blockages removed
  • Tapping into a well of heightened energy and love
  • Experience of a level of bliss and happiness beyond ANYTHING ever experienced before.

And the amazing thing about a Breathwork session is that the results last!  As well as having ample opportunity to gain the benefits from this within Spiritdance, Peggy will teach you to become a competent, confident and dynamic coach.

What is Rebirthing:

In the sacred pool of Lendrick Lodge you will submerge your body, mind and soul into a journey of discovery.  Whilst being supported by Sundoor teachers, your body moves in a fluid effortless way.  There is a moment of release when you feel your whole body sinking into the heart of the Creator.  The love and nurturance you will experience within this session is often one of the most profound experiences of peoples lives.  Within this magical moment in time, an opportunity arises and a new blueprint for living is born.  Lendrick’s pool, referred to as the temple, has been a place of miracles for people from all over the world for the last decade.

Again, you will have ample opportunity to gain the benefits from this within Spiritdance.  Like other successful Sundoor coaches worldwide you will leave with the experience and capacities to share this miracle with others and groups.

What is Past Life Regression:

There are many approaches to past life regression.  As you would expect, Peggy Dylan has honed a methodology within this training that is both a directive for our life and at the same time gives a deep comprehension of our unique life path.  Spiritdance gives you a place to continually unravel aspects of your past incarnations, providing beautiful inroads into your psyche and souls journey.

What a magical gift to be able to continue with after Spiritdance and to share with friends and clients.

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