There are choices at crossroads in our lives that have a positive and transformative effect on the rest of our lives. The choice to volunteer in a place like Lendrick Lodge can be such a life-changer. Learning new skills, being in a space of ‘service’ for the healing of many; Great company and the chance to take part in courses that heal and empower us. The happy reality, of being part of a movement that helps so many kindred souls, find ‘their way home’ to the heart of the Beloved.

There are times in our life, when our souls need to be in high vibrational energy, bathed in nature with great food and amazing ‘happenings’. Get away from the competitive stresses that much of the world seems stuck in… Let your body, mind and spirit breath and enjoy ‘the Lendrick Life’. For a short or longer adventure please write to info@lendrickldoge.com with the title – Request for chat about volunteering.

A new adventure awaits!


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