About Lendrick

Lendrick’s vision is to support and empower the unique journey of all attracted to our centre. Everyone at Lendrick Lodge – volunteers, staff and teachers have a shared intention of creating a loving environment in which healing and transformation can take place.

About Lendrick Lodge Holistic Retreat and Spiritual Centre

All our actions inspire people to hike high in their life and dreams.

We trust that while here, you will soak up the living joy and positive energies that are abundant in Lendrick Lodge Spiritual Centre, whether you are on a healing retreat or one of the varied personal development courses.

Lendrick Lodge rests on ancient Celtic land with a magical energy for all to enjoy.

Lendrick Lodge is attached to no religion, our only attachment is to the intention of your dreams manifesting into a beautiful reality.

A sense of community has blossomed here over the last twenty five years.

The live-in staff and visiting volunteers are happily approachable and go to great lengths to ensure everyone has a great experience.

We focus on inviting teachers for our in-house holistic courses who, in addition to being highly skilful in their work also have a deep care for humanity and the planet.

The main resident teachers, Stephen and Victoria Mulhearn have held the Spiritual vision of Lendrick Lodge since 2000 and hope to continue the expansion of its heart well into the future.

Lendrick is also blessed by the input of Spiritual Master Peggy Dylan.

The direction of our work is kept fluid so we can move with the needs of the people who come here.

Whether you choose to follow a path of continued spirited growth at Lendrick Lodge or just drop in once in a while, we hope you join the thousands of people from all over the world who describe Lendrick Lodge as a ‘home from home’.

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