Peggy Dylan

Peggy Dylan

The transformation Peggy Dylan has helped facilitate for her students for over four decades is beyond comparison. Personal mastery in this lifetime is possible. Peggy awakens aspects of your destiny, opening you up to a life of wonder, adventure and a deep sense of fulfilment. Read more below...

Peggy Dylan

The love that radiates from this practical mystic will heal your heart, inspiring you to venture into new levels of happiness & success. Carpe Diem this moment and secure your place!  In our lifetime, it is a rare moment to be initiated by an awakened spiritual master. After 40 years of transforming people lives, healing bodies, hearts and minds, Peggy Dylan is completing her in-person teachings of Sundoor Initiation, Certification andSakahan. The magic of Spiritdance will continue.

“There is no other teacher I have found in the world who does for people what Peggy Dylan does. Peggy is the roots of the success that Lendrick Lodge grew from; in the thousands of people who have been healed and inspired to live their dreams. Peggy supports people to; Heal themselves & others, open retreat centres, find love for living with passion, awaken deep happiness, write successful books, find soulmates, launch businesses, and most important…Peggy Dylan is a bridge, not to spiritual seeking, but to spiritual knowing. ‘Love life’ becomes a living, loving reality”. Stephen Mulhearn

The next two years is your final chance to be trained in person with Peggy Dylan with Sundoor Initiation, Certification & Sakahan. Peggy supports miracles to unfold with grace and helps you to become a living example of bliss in action. It is time.

The transformation she has helped facilitate for her students for over four decades is incomparable. Peggy awakens the beauty of your destiny, opening you up to a life of wonder, adventure and a deep sense of fulfilment. To work with an awakened, enlightened teacher is a rare gem in these times.

Peggy Dylan’s Journey:

Following the death of her sister, Peggy sought a deeper understanding of life. Shortly after, she had a profound experience of enlightenment. She was only 12. At 16 she was recognised as a future Spiritual Master by Sadguru Keshavadas, an Indian saint and mystic. Peggy then went through an intensive spiritual apprenticeship, taking her to ashrams in India and Shamans in South and North America where she was taught the unlimited capacities that humans have to alter their external reality. Peggy created Sundoor Initiation to pass on this lineage.

Within Peggy’s Initiation, step into your destiny and quest into the life of your dreams. In Certification, learn to lead firewalks and share the ancient skills in how to heal and empower people through firewalking and other tools of transformation.

In Sakahan, qualify as a Sundoor Certified Firewalk Trainer, set up your unique firewalking school in the world. In Spiritdance, become a breathwork practitioner, guide people into unchartered territory, free from the past and into bliss-filled living.

A brand-new season of life & contribution awaits. Sculpt a life of happiness and partnership with The Beloved. Discover the true teacher within you. For teachers and students needing a master who can take their capabilities to the absolute highest potentials, now is the moment to seize the day!

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