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Are you ready to develop an amazing capacity to bring healing through you?

Study in a leading UK centre of complete beginner, throught to highly advanced Reiki training, with a teacher who delivers amazing results for you. An ancient form of hands-on healing, part of light-energy teachings taught in India at the time of the sixth century Buddha. Rediscovered in Japan by Mikao Usui in 1922, it has since travelled around the world. Reiki translates as ‘Universal Energy’; it is the energy which we and all of nature are composed of, and is therefore completely harmless.

Reiki strengthens our understanding of our existence and souls purpose. It opens us up further to an expanse of knowledge and deeper spiritual connection. As we live our lives, energy gets stuck and we may become ill, either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually – but by applying Reiki to ourselves on a daily basis we notice a change taking place. We become more positive, energised, happier, relaxed and have sound sleep. Physical discomforts start to reduce and heal, and we deepen our connection with others and our environment. As we extend this gift of Reiki to others, their symptoms also lessen and heal which in turn awakens their connection to Reiki.

Plants and animals also benefit greatly from this energy. Peoples lives can and do change as a result of bringing this beautiful energy into our daily life. It makes sense that as we live our lives more in harmony with love and each other, and gain a deeper understanding of our connection with everything around us, this will in turn have a positive effect on others and the world we create.

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