Stephen Mulhearn

Stephen Mulhearn

Stephen Mulhearn shares a blueprint for success that delivers results. His decades of initiations by shaman’s and mystics are distilled into his teachings, which he passes on directly to you. Read more below...

Stephen Mulhearn

Study and develop with a Celtic teacher who has a refined knowledge of both ancient rituals and contemporary methods of transformation.

Stephen Mulhearn (BA Hons) combines his academic knowledge with years of experiential training with shamans and spiritual masters. Stephen’s honours degree dissertation was on ecstatic ritual. He is also a multi award-winning documentary filmmaker. His debut documentary, Transcending The Storm, has inspired thousands of people worldwide onto the path of the Shaman and a life of miracles.

Be empowered to go for your wildest dreams. You’ll be amazed at how much knowledge and healing you absorb. For three decades, Stephen has inspired transformation for thousands of people. You are learning a pathway that he has personally walked and lived. Following a near death experience, he had an epiphany that transformed his life, which he passes on to you with contagious enthusiasm!

Learn sacred ceremonies that infuse you with a newfound passion for life. What the ancients would call ‘The Shaman’s Path of the Heart’. Connect deeply to our wilderness and your inner wild spirit! Feeling this vibrant connection becomes a primary source of inspiration, energy and most importantly love and healing. Stephen has a life-mission to encourage his students to master the unfolding of their destiny. You have the opportunity to train as a shamanic practitioner at Lendrick Lodge’s Shamanic Training School. Graduate with the capacity to help people find their full inner power and live a life of excitement and wonder!

Stephen shares a blueprint for success that delivers results. His decades of initiations by shaman’s and mystics are distilled into his teachings. On the ancient land of his ancestors, he has been blessed by the ceremonies of Druids and Bards. His gathering of magical gifts has taken him to mystics and awakened masters across the world.

His spiritual master, Peggy Dylan, has honed his healing capacities over the last 22 years. Peggy was recognised as a future Spiritual Master by Sadguru Keshavadas, an Indian Saint and mystic. Stephen is a primary continuum of that heart-illuminating lineage. His apprenticeship with Peggy is a lifelong source of awakening that supports all of his students. Stephen is honoured to co-teach with Peggy, together creating the perfect environment to take your heart into new territories of possibility.

Stephen’s courses are independent and complete programmes. They offer you an immersion in deep personal growth. Increase your confidence and self-belief and refine your capacities to self-heal and pass it on. In addition, explore Stephens brand new on-line virtual personal growth platform,

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