2024 Yoga Retreat with Peter Blackaby

Peter Blackaby will share his decades of experience in this deep immersion to enliven your journey and understanding of yoga. Peter teaches with a warmth and intelligence that partners with the natural, wild beauty of Lendrick Lodge.

The qualities of feeling grounded and centred are important aspects of yoga practice. Being grounded literally means the act of finding support from the earth, but it can be an elusive quality; when we are fully grounded muscles lose tension, we become more stable, and we can start to feel more secure in our body and being.

Centering arises out of being grounded. When our muscles quieten and we become stable, our breathing settles. Inner agitations become calmer and the chattering of our mind lessens. What a precious gift to ourselves in these times.

In a world that is often full of turbulence, a practice that helps steady us is deeply helpful. This retreat will explore ways  which the practice of Yoga can led us to a calmer and quieter place in our lives.

Peter Blackaby merges his professional skills as an Osteopath with his refined sensory awareness of the body’s ability to heal and renew itself through yoga.

He also teaches anatomy and physiology and gives welcomed tuition and insights that influence not only our bodies, but also our lives.

Studying yoga since 1978, Peter initially was a student of world-renowned teacher B K S Iyengar, completing his two-year teacher training after following that lineage for six years.

His interest in the last couple of decades has been to put a scientific underpinning to the practice of yoga, both in the biomechanical sense and within the mind/body relationship. Peter Blackaby’s transformative book ‘Intelligent Yoga’ has received high praise from yoga teachers and students around the world. This retreat is perfect for people with a regular yoga practice and for teachers looking to refine their teaching skills.

*4.30pm optional early arrival for pre-dinner asana class*

This retreat will explore ways which the practice of Yoga can led us to a calmer and quieter place in our lives.

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Grounding and Centering: The Way of Yoga

Course Dates: 11th September 2024, 7:00 pm - 15th September 2024, 2:00 pm

Course Costs: Course: £395, plus food & accommodation from £340. Book online, by phone or send a cheque made payable to Lendrick Lodge. Deposits are non-refundable or transferable.

Deposit: £250*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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Grounding and Centering: The Way of Yoga with Peter Blackaby

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