Learn how to teach others to be firewalk instructors

In Sakahan, qualify as a Sundoor Certified Firewalk Trainer, set up your unique firewalking school in the world. Be one of the final teachers to be coached and empowered to teach new firewalk instructors by Peggy Dylan in person. An unmissable opportunity for teachers who want to give the most amazing gift to their clients, groups and to the world! Sundoor Sakahan will catapult your firewalking career to the next level.

You will be guided to learn to teach others how to be firewalk instructors in addition to learning the successful strategies that helped catapult your teachers to international success.

A rare gathering with the one-pointed focus of supporting your wildest dreams to illuminate around the world. Learn how to train others to lead firewalks and start your own school under the banner of SUNDOOR. Become a SUNDOOR trainer of firewalk instructors and help us spread the fire of healing, empowerment and unlimited possibility around the world!

Peggy has honed this incomparable course over four decades. It has produced the greatest revenue for her company. From the Fortune 500 Companies to highly evolved spiritual organisations, this has been the key component of Peggy’s life work, and she is ready to pass on those capacities and strategies to you!

During Sakahan you will follow a Firewalk Certification Training as Peggy teaches it. On a daily basis, we discuss the material and how you might best bring it to your students. At the end you will be given the complete trainer’s manual, including training outline, timing and materials needed, a pdf of the binder for your students and all relevant handouts. Peggy will also be available for questions or coaching when you get ready to lead your trainings.

Sakahan will not only give you the tools and skills to train Firewalk Instructors but, more importantly, it will connect you to the spiritual lineage of Sundoor Firewalking, bringing you closer to the core of Peggy’s teachings, and weaving you into a remarkable community of teachers.

A rare gathering with the one-pointed focus of supporting your wildest dreams to illuminate around the world.

Connecting you to the spiritual lineage of Sundoor Firewalking.

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Sundoor Sakahan 2024

Course Dates: 4th August 2024, 7:00 pm - 9th August 2024, 2:00 pm

Course Costs: For course costs and further details contact info@lendricklodge.com

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Sundoor Sakahan 2024 with Peggy Dylan, Originator of the Western Firewalk Movement & her co-teachers Stephen Mulhearn & HeatherAsh Amara

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