This inspirational course is a must for anyone wishing to be of the best possible support for those ill or dying.

This inspirational course is a must for anyone wishing to be of the best possible support for those ill or dying. This is also a gift to yourself that will dissipate any unneeded fears around death and open up a whole new world of living beautifully in the now.

Shamanic teacher Stephen Mulhearn (BA Hons) woke up to a new way of living as a result of his own near-death experience, he passes on these transcendent gifts over this transformative weekend.

It’s time to bring ancient knowledge and wisdom, utilised by our ancestors, back into our lives. The world is becoming less attached to modern approaches and more attracted to the medicine of our indigenous ancestors. This weekend empowers you with soulful gifts to share with loved ones and clients. Add new sparkle to every day.

As a Celtic Shamanic teacher, Stephen has a deep connection with the Earth and
the Druid ancestors rooted in the land of Lendrick Lodge. In addition to training in Shamanic techniques of ecstasy from other cultures, learn the way of the Celts.

The Journey of Death, Dying & Personal Transition is a must for healers and carers with a heartfelt desire to give others the best support during illness and death. This is an essential course for everyone committed to living fully, enjoying the nectar available to us every day.

Ready yourself for shifts on every level. A new dawning beckons in this essential weekend.

“The skills taught over this weekend enabled me to support my own father in his time
of passing. I could not have dreamed of a better death for him.”
Stephen Mulhearn

Included in this weekend:

• Learn to perform psychopomp (Greek term meaning ‘leader of souls’) so that you can gracefully support people at the time of their transition from this life.
• Explore and step through the veil that souls pass through at the point of transition and gain unimaginable insights to pass on to your own clients.
• Discover how to become a bridge between those departed and friends and family and create beautiful ceremony to reunite kindred souls.
• Rituals that can support a grace filled death or a potential healing.
• Take control of sculpting in advance the most exquisite passing over for you.

Booking & Course Info

The Journey of Death, Dying & Personal Transition March 2020

Course Dates: 13th March 2020, 2:00 pm - 15th March 2020, 2:00 pm

Course Costs: Course: £240 Reduced to £230 if £100 deposit is paid by 31st January plus food and accommodation from £130.

Deposit: £100*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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