Victoria Lyons

Victoria Lyons

What defines a spiritual teacher is the expanse of their heart. The way in which Victoria Lyons (BSc Hons) champions your every dream, and her positivity are the keys to a life of wonder. Victoria Lyons invites you to benefit from a pure lineage transmission of Reiki. She is 8th in the lineage from Dr Usui (the founder of Reiki) and has received in-depth training over the years from her spiritual master, Margaret Underwood of New Zealand. This is where your highest expectations of mastery are met by a master of the heart. Read more below...

Victoria Lyons

Where there has been pain and suffering, love and healing will prevail. The parts inside you that lack confidence and courage will be filled to overflow with newfound skills, talents and gifts. The love, acceptance and inspiration you will receive will not only give you the wings to transcend your past but also the tools to help others shape a life of blissful living. A beautiful personal journey of self-healing awaits.

Victoria’s teaching skills also attract spiritual healers and medical professionals wishing to enhance their existing training. Learn tools and ancient practices to support yourself and your clients to ‘soar high’. Victoria’s students have set up successful practices worldwide.

Victoria’s calling to this work came during her mother’s illness 25 years ago. She was told, ‘there is nothing you can do’. She disagreed and decided to embark on a journey to find new ways to support healing and empowerment for herself and others. This journey led her first to visit New Zealand, where she initially studied Reiki to Master level intensely over a period of two and a half years with Margaret Underwood. Over the last 24 years, Victoria and Margaret’s relationship has blossomed and deepened as they both integrate the essence of a student Master relationship. Victoria continues to flow this same essence to her own students. Grow, blossom and heal within this sacred lineage.

Victoria has seamlessly merged her professional background as a physiotherapist with her lineages of ancient healing. However, it is her soul’s calling of being on this earth to lovingly support your highest destiny that will create breakthroughs beyond your wildest expectations.

Lendrick Lodge is a refined school of in-depth reiki training offering continuing support and guidance. The initial transformative healing journey starts with Reiki One, followed 5-6 months later with Reiki Two. As your spiritual self unfolds and your confidence grows, Victoria offers a further two unique courses; Advanced Reiki Level One and Two which will help you become a confident and highly skilled practitioner of reiki. And with much excitement, Victoria is now offering a Reiki Master Teacher Training Programme that is an in-depth spiritual education journey of life mastery.

Transcend into blissful states of joyful living. Take tender steps towards your dreams and enjoy grace-filled transformations in every season of your life.



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