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Transcending the Storm

A fantastic new movie from Lendrick Lodge’s Stephen Mulhearn.

Filmmaker, Stephen Mulhearn, takes us on a personal journey of discovery following his near death experience 13 years ago. Trying to escape a violent and alcoholic past, he finds himself on the brink of death in a Glasgow hospital. As he leaves his body on the operating table, he encounters a spiritual master, Peggy Dylan, who dramatically brings him back to life. This transcendent experience shatters everything he believes to be true about life.

After being released from hospital, he sets out on a quest to track down the spiritual master who saved his life. On the way, he experiences miraculous rituals and profound insights with shamans and healers in North and South America. In North America, he meets experts on healing, an Apache ceremonial leader and a Native American elder. He receives powerful insights into escaping the ghosts of his past. In South America, he visits the ancient city of Machu Picchu, and is initiated into a healing ceremony with a jungle shaman.

Needing answers to what actually happened in his near death experience, he finally finds what he has been searching for from the spiritual master who saved his life. After discovering the secrets of transcending suffering, he attempts to bring back hope to the culture that nearly killed him. Will this changed man be accepted in his old world, or will the demons of his past drag him back down?

Find out more and order your own copy of the DVD at seeingthemagic.com

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