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In an embrace of loving mastery, Victoria Mulhearn offers you an unimaginable experience of deep healing and personal capacity.

Victoria Mulhearn (BSc Hons) facilitates deep, lasting healing. Her high levels of positive, compassionate energy are contagious. Awaken your unlimited gifts to heal and support yourself and others. Victoria’s teaching skills attract spiritual healers and medical professionals wishing to enhance their existing training. The level of excellence you’ll benefit from will give you the tools to support clients to the best of your ability. The students and teachers who work with Victoria increase their capacity to change the lives of others, with practices all over the world.

Victoria’s calling to this work came during her mother’s illness 20 years ago. She was told, ‘there is nothing you can do’. She disagreed and decided to embark on a journey to find new ways to support healing and empowerment for herself and others.

This journey led her first to New Zealand, where she initially studied Reiki to Master level intensely over a period of two and a half years with Margaret Underwood.

Her next step was to learn the teachings of awakened Spiritual Master Peggy Dylan, which continue to this day. Her next progression was Buddhism. She is a dedicated student of Buddhism, with a lifelong commitment to living and sharing these ancient jewels.

To merge both her professional background as a physiotherapist with her lineages of ancient healing she studied with two Chinese Medicinal doctors in the States who specialize in Medical Qi Gong (Dr. Taya Stanley and Dr. Barbara Briner).

Your choice of First or Second Degree Reiki at Lendrick Lodge ensures a pathway to the very heart of Reiki, taught by a refined Spiritual Master, whose deep connection to the original essence is transmitted into your heart. Victoria is 8th in the lineage from Dr Usui. Many people who have trained with other masters repeat First and Second Degree with Victoria to deepen their capacity and knowledge. Refresher days are also deeply fulfilling.

In addition to the in-depth First and Second Degree Reiki courses, that create a massive transformation in your life, Victoria also offers two unique advanced courses called Advanced Reiki Level One and Two. The only place in the world you can do these courses is Lendrick Lodge. Her advanced workshops are the ideal next step for the modern practitioner and teacher.

In 2017 Victoria will teach a weekend sharing Qi Gong, Meditation and Reiki – the perfect workshop for manifesting a balanced, happy life.

Hone your personal capacity to be a catalyst of change, for others and for our planet. Reiki Master Victoria Mulhearn offers a unique path of increased happiness and excitement for living.

Step through a beautiful doorway into the heart of your dreams!

Photo courtesy of Robin Gillanders

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