The world of the Shaman goes beyond science, logic and the normal rules that govern reality. There is a liminal space (a reality on both sides of a boundary) where the magic of shamanism heals, transforms and creates unimaginable change.

This is where we deep-dive into on this summer firewalk. Take your place with this timeless space…

Firewalking has been on the planet for thousands of years because it works. To clarify ‘works’, we mean that it creates deep healing within our body and our mind. Indigenous cultures have utilised the transformative power of firewalking across the globe.

On this enchanted evening bring an intention to heal and find new levels of empowerment for your life and dreams. Also, be ready for an ecstatic celebration by the beautiful flowing river of Lendrick Lodge. In tune with Scottish bagpipes, the magic awaits, claim your space and be filled by healing grace.

Stephen Mulhearn (BA Hons) combines his academic knowledge with years of experiential training with shamans and spiritual masters to give you a night that will put your soul on full beam!


Venture into the magical territory of the shaman on this enchanting night.

Feel the raw power that rises up from the earth and through you in this ceremony of light.

Discover the healing that firewalking has blessed indigenous tribes with for thousands of years.

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Territory of the Shaman Firewalk

Course Dates: 24th August 2024, 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Course Costs: Cost: £95. Joint/repeat bookings: £85pp

Deposit: £45*

*Deposits are non-returnable or transferable.

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Territory of the Shaman Firewalk with Stephen Mulhearn

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