Joël Carthery

Joël Carthery

Joël Carthery has been teaching Qi Gong for nearly 25 years.

Joël Carthery

Joël Carthery has been teaching Qi Gong for nearly 25 years in the Rouen and Dieppe region of France. He is the student of Master Dan Ming Guan ( Fabrice Jordan) 13th generation Wujimen. He was also a pupil of the late Pierre Lagorce and Gérard Edde.

Joël Carthery is trained in oriental massages, Chinese medicine, aromatherapy and mycotherapy ( trainer for health professionals in the latter discipline)

Currently a disciple of the Ming Shan Wujimen lineage ( 14th generation) he studies the Taoist metaphysical tools of Yi Jing, Qi Men Dun Jia, mantras, mudras, talismans.

What does Qi Gong mean?
– Qi is the vital energy that animates the universe and life, and Chinese medicine is based on the knowledge of its circulation patterns. Gong is the method, the work, the mastery. Qi Gong is the art of using energy.

What is the use of Qi Gong?
– It aims to maintain and strengthen the body by linking it with the inexhaustible reservoir of universal energy, thereby preventing and curing disease, and learning to control emotions and stress. Qi Gong preserves youth for a long time, and increases longevity. At present, it is being used successfully in major Chinese hospitals.


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