Soul Retrieval Practitioner Course

Next, our Soul Retrieval Practitioner Course advances the skills honed on Shaman’s Path. Learn how to retrieve lost soul parts for your clients, groups and yourself. This course carries the blueprint of the core teachings of Sandra Ingerman and has so many methodologies that you can utilise to facilitate healing with your own clients. Stephen also weaves in the medicine of his teacher Peggy Dylan and his own Celtic Path. This course also includes a midsummer Celtic Firewalk.

Soar with confidence and take your shamanic capacities to new levels This advanced course of mastery, at Lendrick Lodge’s Shamanic Training School, is the perfect opportunity to transcend into unchartered levels of results for you and your clients.

Advance your shamanic education with a professional teacher who delivers incomparable results. Beyond the new shamanic ‘medicine bag’ that you can draw from, Stephen Mulhearn (BA Hons) shares tender healing ceremonies for your own spiritual blossoming. Stephen is an multi award-winning filmmaker for the shamanic documentary, Transcending The Storm. Stephen supports practitioners and teachers of shamanism to excel.

Over these five days, he delivers an intensely powerful and comprehensive programme. This course has inspired teachers from all over the world to set up successful practices. Author of Soul Retrieval, Sandra Ingerman, invited Stephen to be trained as one of the teachers to pass on this amazing course.

People travel from all over the world to train at Lendrick Lodge. In his Honours degree, Stephen’s dissertation was on ecstatic ritual and shamanism. His academic knowledge combines with years of shamanic initiations to give you a fulfilling course, rich with wisdom and personal breakthroughs. Stephen weaves his twenty-one year apprenticeship with awakened spiritual master Peggy Dylan, with his in-depth training with Sandra Ingerman, to deliver incomparable results.

These intricate teachings on the delicate balance of the soul’s journey will empower you to return to your clients the very essence of a passionate life. This course is the second module for graduating as a fully qualified Advanced Shamanic Practitioner. Shaman’s Path is a prerequisite for this training.

This course includes the Illuminate Your Soul Midsummer Firewalk on Saturday 22 June!

The advanced teachings taught on this course include:

  • Understanding the dynamics of soul loss
  • Healing the trauma and illness it can cause
  • Tracking and recovering the soul essence
  • Life after soul retrieval and much more
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