Sundoor Initiation and/or Spiritdance

Your spiritual evolvement through your week intensive with Peggy Dylan gives you an access to a source of connection to the Beloved beyond anything else I have ever experienced. One of these weeks is a pre-requisite to completing your graduation at the Lendrick Lodge Shamanic School. This is where I see an illumination of the soul so bright that I know your clients and groups are going to access a power of positive change beyond their wildest expectations. This connection to the lineage of Saint Swami Keshevedas is a lifelong gift for self-healing and transformation of all those blessed to meet you on your path.

What you will experience on Sundoor Spiritdance

For most of us, our dream is to eradicate the effects of suffering from our past and find a way to maintain blissful lightness in our reality. Spiritdance: Holy Water, Sacred Breath is an invitation to that precious new beginning.

Like ancient medicine women and men before us, we undergo a level of transformation on this course that can only be described as a rebirth. We fill our hearts with sacred breath and rediscover the state of bliss that is our birthright. In the warm waters of Lendrick’s temple room, you are supported with love and tenderness as you unwind and remove the knots within that cause so much mental, emotional and physical suffering.

What you will experience on Sundoor Initiation

Do you thirst for a life based on joy, with a deep sense of direction and belonging? Have you been wishing to experience lasting fulfilment and feelings of success? This beauty of life truly exists… awaken it within you on Sundoor Initiation!

Native American cleansing ceremonies, Tibetan and Hindu rituals, lead you closer to the Divine, exciting conversations with kindred souls from around the world, and empowering and uplifting Firewalks.

Occasionally life offers you a square centimetre of chance, and if you stretch out and grab that square centimetre of chance your life will be transformed… in an instance. Sundoor Initiation is that instance. Give yourself this gift of a lifetime.

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