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Reiki Courses at Lendrick Lodge

First Degree Reiki Training Course – A New Awakening
with Reiki Master Victoria Mulhearn

An invitation to open a door of awakening with a Reiki Master who delivers outstanding results for her students. Thousands of people from around the world have had Reiki training with Victoria Mulhearn MCSP SRP (BSc Hon) and experienced profound and lasting change.

Available dates - 19 January 2018, 04 May 2018,

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Second Degree Reiki Healing Training
with Victoria Mulhearn

Expands your Reiki healing from working on a local to a universal level. This course is essential if you are working towards becoming a Reiki Practitioner.

Available dates - 09 March 2018, 25 May 2018,

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Advanced Reiki Training – Level One – 2018
with Reiki Master Victoria Mulhearn

If life has got too busy, and your practice has reduced, this advanced reiki training course gets you back on track. It’s time to re-energise your spiritual gifts and unfold a more blissful spiritual practice.

Course date - 02 February 2018

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Refresh and Renew – A Unique Reiki Day Working with the Ancient Reiki Symbols
with Victoria Mulhearn

The perfect Reiki Day for rejuvenating your love for Reiki and yourself!

Receive a booster attunement, as well as group healings and a refinement of your knowledge.

Course date - 17 February 2018

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