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Every now and again we all come across magical beings who transform our lives.

Every now and again we all come across magical beings who transform our lives.

Lendrick Lodge is one of those places where we meet such exquisitely wonderful souls. We celebrate the life of two wonderful women who had an enchanted dance with our retreat centre. The wonderful ‘Eagle in Flight’ statue we unveiled blesses the path of these dancing soul sisters. Let’s celebrate their memories and hearts…

Let me first tell you about the wonderful Linda Young. Linda attended courses over the past few years at Lendrick Lodge and was one of those people who just made life happier. She was a classic Scottish comical character. She progressed from attending courses to being an occasional weekend volunteer and then eventually lived with us for around a year and made all our lives lighter for it. 

The last time I saw Linda was in the mountains of Peru last September,when she took part in the Sundoor Spiritual Pilgrimage. My goodness did we laugh loud. Through cheeky one-liners and too many energy bars we helped each other up the sacred mountain of Salkantay. We got so high through the beauty of that wilderness in the Andes, that it felt like we could reach up and touch the stars. Now when I look up to the evening skies there’s an extra star shining bright and that’s our pal Linda Young, keeping an eye on us. Making sure we’re still having fun on the road and taking care of each other.

The next person that we honour today is Anne Henderson. And what an absolute character. She would roll up to Lendrick Lodge for courses with wild expectations of personal transformation, ready to be part of a circle of people hell-bent on a heavenly time. And she took personal responsibility for achieving her goal every time! Her kindness always blew me away. At fundraisers in different times I saw her gift so much to those in need. She was like a rainbow of light that just kept shining. In fact she is one of the producers of my soon-to-be-released new documentary Eternity’s Sunrise. When that film ripples out, the heart and love of our wonderful Anne will be felt by souls across the world. Her magic and care keeps on!

Places like Lendrick Lodge exist in our world to act as wonderful honey pots, for people to dip into and be reminded of the sweetness of life. These places would not exist without the honeybees that create the magic. Thank you, thank you, thank you Linda and Anne for bringing so much lightness, love and sweet nurturance to all. Shine on, your ripples of love flow into eternity. We love you.

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