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There are moments in our life that define destiny

There are moments in our life that define destiny

This is a 20 year anniversary of the first ever fire walk that I taught.

At 30 years old, I experienced the transformative and healing power of firewalking with Peggy Dylan. I traveled far to train with this wonderful woman and learnt to pass on the ancient gifts of this magical ritual from the heart of a spiritual master.

After experiencing first hand the healing power of firewalking and transforming my own health and happiness to transcendent levels of success, I had no choice. I had to learn how to give this gift to others. So after completing my Sundoor Firewalker Certification Training I was ready for lift-off!

I’d been told about an amazing retreat centre called Lendrick Lodge, so I went and saw Sarah the woman who ran it and booked a date for my first ever firewalk. It had to be at Beltaine. The Celtic Festival of the return of the Sun

To say that I was nervous was an understatement. All my low confidence and low self esteem issues where on loudspeaker. I started to worry whether I’d remembered everything I needed to do to get people across the fire safely, I was also scared that someone would ask me questions I didn’t know the answer to. Maybe no one would even bother to listen to me and no one would walk. Yikes…I was way out of my comfort zone and worried I wasn’t good enough to give people the sort of experience that had transformed my life.

20 years on and still sharing this magical ritual. It’s easier now, after hundreds of experiences teaching I don’t feel that pressure anymore. Life has shown me that I only have to open the door and inspire people to believe in themselves. Then… The magic happens. That’s when people’s amazing courage comes to life. That’s when women and men and children find their inner strength and spirit of magic. The teacher of the fire takes over and everyone gets a direct connection with an ancient ceremony that has been healing humanity for thousands of years.

I still get as excited 20 years on as I was at the first ever night here at Lendrick Lodge. I get really high seeing people having amazing breakthroughs. My soul illuminates when I hear people ask for what they want to manifest in their lives. I do internal cartwheels when I see them walk with passion, willing to risk failing, even willing to burn their feet. You see there is something that makes the risk worthwhile. And that’s the spirit of adventure that tells us that the only failure is not trying. And every firewalk is full of triers, people willing to push through their fears, and find their voice and purpose. Over the years I’ve seen diseases healed on these nights, I’ve celebrated soulmates discovering each other and I’ve witnessed the hurts of the past being healed by the potential of a new dawning. 

At this year’s Beltane Firewalk ceremony I danced with joy and celebration for the witnessing of unlimited human possibility. The love and kindness that was so abundant here, grew large wings and headed straight into the hearts and minds of every friend and family member of all those who walked and danced and cart wheeled on the fire. Bless you all. At The Beltaine Firewalk, you found your voice at the fireside. And you let your inner hero stand proud and reclaim the beauty of your destiny.

To everyone who firewalked here, and other places around the world, power to you. You inspire many by the adventurous life you choose to explore. May your road ahead be filled with love and kindred souls, and may all your dreams come true…

And for those amongst you, like me 20 years ago, who are inspired to learn to lead this dance with miracles; believe me you will never look back. Your gift to humanity will heal the traumas of the past and open up many, many souls to the magic of loving life fully.

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