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Joseph Chilton Pearce and Eternity’s Sunrise

Joseph Chilton Pearce and Eternity’s Sunrise

On the 30th October I launch my new online membership portal, the Transformational Academy with my brand new documentary film Eternity’s Sunrise. Here I tell you a little more about the film and the man behind it, Joseph Chilton Pearce, or Joe, as he liked to be called…

My new documentary, Eternity’s Sunrise is one of the founding fathers of personal development, Joseph Chilton Pearce, talking in his own words. In this film discover the keys to opening your heart and mind, in Divine partnership.

Eternity’s Sunrise is the final contribution to humanity from the American visionary and author, who throughout his career wrote 12 seminal works on Spirituality, child development and heart-mind connection. From Oxford to Harvard University, and all-around the world, Joseph Chilton Pearce changed the very zeitgeist of a generation; his books such as ‘Crack in the Cosmic Egg’ and ‘Magical Child’ influenced millions of people worldwide. Joseph Chilton Pearce’s research and lectures introduced humanity to new paradigms of communication that causes transformation beyond most people’s perception.

Joseph Chilton Pearce also introduced a whole new generation of parents to the concept of Conscious Parenting. A father of 5 and grandparent to 12 children, his methodologies, expertise and insights influenced millions of fathers and mothers worldwide, most definitely including myself. Both of my girls benefited from the wisdom and guidance bestowed upon me by the books and later the friendship of Joe.

I am beyond excited to introduce in deeply personal and insightful interviews, this newfound friend and champion of your dreams.

In the film I travel to Joe’s cabin, hidden away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, over a period of few years near the end of Joe’s life. I had the great honour of getting to know Joe, and his wonderful wife Karen and family. In this unique documentary Joe shares the perils of his life’s work in a way that is both understandable and simultaneously mind blowing. Recounting stories of his personal experience ‘walking the talk’ and those that inspired him, my wish is that his final retelling will inspire you to listen to, and live from, your heart, just as Joe did.

Joseph Chilton Pearce ticked all the boxes for me in regards to what it means to be a man. He became a father figure and the role model of a life committed to brilliant mind in unison with brilliant heart. This gentle sweet man lived his life in bliss. And when the hard times came he navigated back to beauty via the principles he shares in Eternity’s Sunrise.

Through Joe’s words, Eternity’s Sunrise is a blueprint for living life on full beam, guided by love and compassion. Joe’s greatest gift was to give humanity a new roadmap towards a more loving caring society. He presents the guidance humanity yearns for, on how to collaborate and cooperate for life to be lived in optimum passion and kindness.

In these challenging times Joseph Chilton Pearce steady’s our will and inspires with grace.

Joe’s particular passion for conscious child raising has roots in older cultures and one of my favorite chapters of Eternity’s Sunrise is Joe’s insights on how we could revolutionise education. Joe talks about the inspiration behind his ideas and how even those older cultures have now been infected by modern society’s toxicity. But by taking Joe’s lead, we are not lost; his gift will impact you and the way you move through life, beautifully.

Eternity’s Sunrise is the distillation of Joseph Chilton Pearce’s life’s work in his own words. His final interview is packed with inspirational gems for the development of the individual and society that will stay with you well beyond the film. Discover how to act with un-conflicting behaviour, and the secrets of transcending to new heights of success. Through Joe’s stories, enjoy honing your own deeper happiness and finding passion for living your wildest dreams. And, as Joe so famously said learn to, ‘Live Your Bliss’.

In this film I welcome you to meet a guiding elder and his message, which will influence and inspire the rest of your life, welcome to Eternity’s Sunrise.

World Premier of Eternity’s Sunrise is Wednesday the 30th October on our virtual online training academy, Seeing The Magic Transformational Academy.

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