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Posted on: Friday, 11 September 2015

How Reiki has Helped Me by Christine Collie

My first realisation of how powerful Reiki was happened when my husband had driven to Inverness for a court appearance. The following morning and he said there was no way he would sleep worrying about the next day.  So I told him I would send him Reiki to help him sleep well which would put him in a better place to deal with what was ahead of him.  He excitedly called me the next morning telling me that he had had the best sleep in a long time. He could not believe it.  I was relieved for him and also felt proud of myself.

The second time was when my daughter’s rabbit escaped from the run and could have been anywhere in the garden or outside in the wilderness and over the cries and wails of my daughter’s tears I gave her a hug and said come on lets do some Reiki and ask the angels to help us find ‘Lexie’ the rabbit.  So we both concentrated for a while then she turned around and said “there she is!”, once again I was gobsmacked that it had worked, coincidence or not? That rabbit could have escaped and hopped off anywhere, but she was safe and sound in the corner of the decking.

The third time was just last night when my husband, who is always losing things (keys, wallets etc), said to me as he left the house, “can you look for my tooth?” He has a small single tooth palate, not the kind of thing you want to find in a pocket. I started looking. All evening I hunted through trouser and coat pockets, in the bathrooms, bedroom etc and it was nowhere to be found.

So I used Reiki again to help me find this little tooth.  I literally came out of the bathroom, into our bedroom and my eyes went direct to the floor. By the bed was his tooth!  Stunned I ran to get some tissue to pick it up and thanked my angels for once again coming to my rescue.

I feel blessed to have this amazing gift, which I am so grateful for having being taught.

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