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Posted on: Wednesday, 09 September 2015

My Reiki Training at Lendrick, by Diane Bird

I first met Victoria Mulhearn at a firewalk at Lendrick Lodge in 2003. Her love for life, energy, wisdom and compassion made a huge impact on me. I instantly knew that I wanted to feel that way all the time too! Fate had led me to my Reiki Master.

Before I did my Reiki 1 course at Lendrick, I had been stressed out with work; I was angry and irritable and felt out of control emotionally. I was tired all the time and unable to think clearly or make decisions.

During the first hour of my Reiki First Degree class I instinctively knew I was in the right place, and with exactly the right person to teach me the skills I needed. Skills to not only enhance my life, but to transform it!

After learning First Degree Reiki, I left Lendrick Lodge with the tools to support myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Not only that, but able to help support my family, friends and all living things!

Everyone I know noticed the difference in me. Now I am much happier, more energised, my mind is much clearer and my outlook is always positive.

I embrace challenges where once I would have seen problems.

Practicing Reiki on myself regularly keeps me healthy, both mentally and physically. It also has a knock on effect with everyone in my life. I feel Reiki has allowed me reach more of my potential and has helped me to be the person I want to be.

Reiki 2

I followed Reiki 1 with Second Degree 6 months later. There was no question I would come back to Lendrick to do this with Victoria.

I knew the lineage of Reiki at Lendrick lodge was pure. This in-depth training suited me perfectly.

I was eager to learn more about this beautiful healing art. I was amazed at what I had experienced since First Degree, but what I learned in second degree blew my mind wide open! This broadened my horizons enormously.

Victoria taught the course in such a gentle, loving and compassionate way that I felt really supported as I learned even more of the depth of Reiki.

I found that doing Reiki on myself and others with the use of the symbols made it even more intensely focused with even quicker effects. I was so excited to learn all about distant healing. It allowed me to energetically support family and friends – infact any situation anywhere in the world – even when I’m not physically present!

I learned how to positively program all events in my life and to initiate Reiki programs for others, to energetically support them also.

I no longer felt helpless in many situations. I had learned the skills to make a positive difference which is so empowering!

Advanced Classes

During the advanced classes, we delved ever deeper in to the history and origins of the beautiful healing art of Reiki. For me, it helped me to comprehend on a more profound level. Personally it opened me up more spiritually, as the journey with Reiki tends to do.

I began to view people, events and the world in a much more compassionate way. I realised that we are all connected plus that through Reiki and the new mindset it had encouraged in me, I really could make a difference in the world. This propelled me to do the 2-½ year Reiki Master Teacher Training Course.

Reiki Master Teacher Training Program

In hindsight I now see that all the way back to my First Degree course with Victoria, I always had an inner-knowing that Reiki would be a constant companion in my life and that when the time was right, I would come to Lendrick to study the Reiki Masters Program.

I was honoured to be accepted as one of Victoria’s students to study the first ever Reiki Master Teacher Training course at Lendrick Lodge.

The depth of teaching through this lineage is very detailed and pure. It took real commitment to learn the material but the training was a beautiful journey. Truly a gift that will accompany me for the rest of my life.

Victoria supported us every single step of the way with much love, encouragement and delight in our unfolding.

As well as our own tailored training weekends, we were able able to teach small sections of the course during Victoria’s own weekend courses. This reinforced my belief in myself and I now feel privileged to be able to teach others this wonderful healing art.

The journey with Reiki has transformed my life in so many positive ways and I feel so blessed that I now have the ability to heal and help people.


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