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A message from Peggy

A message from Peggy

I wanted to pass on this beautiful letter from my spiritual master, Peggy Dylan.
please pass it on,

love Stephen

There are millions meditating today to herald in the new world we’ve been yearning for. That is what I will be focusing on: for the world, for you, for myself. I’ll be putting a special energetic force out at noon PT, 8pm in the UK, 9pm on the European continent, in case you want to join me. The three important cycles in the Mayan culture which end today can help us all end aspects of our personal… cycle which are needing to be disolved. The more consciously we do it the more effective it will be: fill with the love of your amazing friends, fill with Universal love, allow it to flow into aspects of yourself needing this essence, allowing it to transform those fearful or stuck places into a golden flow. The past is over, whatever it was, it is over. The cycle is finished, the patterns established by that past are now disolving. Allow the Creator’s beauty, joy, and magnificent sense of deep well-being to flow through every cell of your body. This is your birthright, make it the base of this new cycle. From this moment on, the Creator’s love, great well-being, confidence and alignment are the base of this, the new cycle! I love you.

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