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Glad Imrie’s Reiki Path to Tranquillity and Happiness

Glad Imrie’s Reiki Path to Tranquillity and Happiness

Reiki found me in 2007 but it had been trying for a couple of years beforehand. I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind before then to listen and act upon it. Following my…

Reiki found me in 2007 but it had been trying for a couple of years beforehand. I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind before then to listen and act upon it.

Following my Mother’s passing in 2000, like many others who had experienced a Motherly passing, I was totally lost. On reflection, as the years passed, emotionally and mentally I got lower and lower until I was in the gutter, where I had put myself. I was so negative and I had lost my sparkle and my way. I was so unsettled that I had to get out of the house and often found myself either in a Hotel, Caravan or a Bungalow somewhere in the wilderness.

What was interesting though, was on the two occasions I had experienced Reiki, I wasn’t open to it, until the third time when I met the right person. They sowed the seed that you could learn Reiki in a weekend. When I returned home, I went on the Internet and found Victoria and Lendrick Lodge (thank goodness I did). This was the start of my incredible journey on my Reiki Path, from Novice to Reiki Practitioner, to the title of Reiki Master and Teacher. I now know what my purpose in life is. Reiki helped me to find myself, to believe and to have faith.

My Journey with First Degree Reiki

Reflecting on First Degree Reiki, I had no idea what Reiki was or what to expect or why I was there. Our workshop took place in the River Retreat, looking out to lush greenery and running water. It was so lovely and tranquil, I felt safe.

The weekend was packed full of interesting information, ranging from “What is Reiki” to its History and being introduced to the Reiki Masters and a pure lineage. What I loved was the Reiki attunement and now every time I hear the word attunement my eyes go PING and you hear me say, “Yes, please”

Being a practical person I loved learning about giving Reiki to others, and myself, which was of great benefit to me in more ways than one. I was lucky; all my pals were lining up to have Reiki. When giving them a Reiki treatment, because the Reiki energy was flowing through me, I also received healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

My Journey with Second Degree Reiki

Six months later, when I got out of my car at Lendrick Lodge for Second Degree Reiki I still remember my big sigh and the feeling of inner peace, inwardly saying “I’m home”.

March 2008 I was back for more!! It was so lovely to see friends again and we had lots to share. Victoria’s Second Degree Reiki teachings were amazing and mind blowing, from learning about Symbols in general to different ways to use the Reiki energy for healing. I loved learning about the Reiki Symbols and their uses and leaving Lendrick Lodge with the tools to help so many – family, friends plus helping people I would never meet. Even helping Mother Earth and the Animal Kingdom. Not to mention another Reiki Attunement. Again there were plenty of opportunities to give and receive healing.

My Journey with Advanced Reiki Level 1

I then attended Reiki Practitioner Level One (Advanced Reiki 1) in July 2009, which I repeated in November 2013. I repeated this course because, as we unfold along our Reiki Path, our energy field changes and our vibrational energies become higher.

This is an ideal course if you wish to become a Reiki Practitioner. You get the opportunity to reflect over what you have learned in Second Degree Reiki regarding the Reiki Symbols and their healing benefits, along with learning how to start your own business. I found this course really interesting. We were also introduced to the healing properties of The Medicine Buddha, which I love.

My Journey with Advanced Reiki 2

My Reiki Path led me swiftly to Advanced Reiki 2 in August 2009, which I repeated in April 2014. Another great course, which included a deeper introduction, understanding and connection to the Medicine Buddha, which I tap into on a regular basis. Plus a blood cleansing technique, which my friend requests every time she comes for a Reiki Session.

Reiki Days

I also attend Reiki Days, which I find beneficial because they help me to re-focus. I learn more and it enables me to give and receive the Reiki energy. I also get to meet up with all the lovely friends I have met throughout my time spent at Lendrick Lodge. I have been there often, especially during the 2 and a half years of my Reiki Master Teaching Training.

My Journey to Becoming a Reiki Master

Reflecting back, prior to July 2012 I hadn’t given any thought about becoming a Reiki Master because I wasn’t drawn to go elsewhere for the training, then there it was in one of Lendrick Lodge’s brochures. The first Reiki Master Teaching Training Course at Lendrick Lodge. Needless to say I applied and was accepted just in time to start in September 2012.

The Reiki Master Teaching Training Course was an intensive training, but truly worth it. The course taught me many things, from how to teach all the information required for both First and Second Degree Reiki, to Diane Bird and I attending all First and Second Degree Classes again. On these occasions we were given the opportunity to part teach in Victoria’s classes while being held in a supportive, safe and protected space. During our assessment weekends, both Victoria and Margaret Underwood (Victoria’s Reiki Master) observed Diane and I teaching the whole weekend course between us. We also learned all the Reiki Attunements!

Reflecting back over the whole training, I had ups and downs and being human I doubted my abilities but Victoria never gave up reassuring and supporting me, getting me back on track. Victoria’s Reiki Master Teacher Training Programme has helped me to gain all the knowledge and confidence I need to teach others, plus how to promote Reiki. My attitude towards life and how I feel about others and myself has changed dramatically since 2007.

Victoria is an excellent, enthusiastic, supportive and dedicated teacher. If you get the chance to work with her, you will never regret it.

It was lovely to work alongside Diane Bird, my partner in learning and I wish to take this opportunity to thank Diane for all her support and for helping to make our assessment weekends special and fun.

It was also a great privilege to meet and work with Victoria’s Reiki Master Margaret Underwood. Thank you for your help and support.

Lendrick Lodge is such a beautiful and tranquil place to spend time and what makes it even more special are all the staff and volunteers that work hard to keep Lendrick Lodge a warm and welcoming space for all to enjoy. Well done and thanks.

If you haven’t been to Lendrick Lodge – what are you waiting for?

Glad Imrie

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