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The Metamorphosis of Firewalking

The Metamorphosis of Firewalking

Firewalking often finds us, through a friend’s experience, a brochure or in my case under the disguise of attending a meditation course. As with anything in life, it is an invitation.

I was 27 and when I first read about firewalking and it was my heart that responded. I knew nothing about firewalking and knew nobody who had done it, but it spoke to me clearly and so I listened.

I remember distinctly being asked to have a clear motivation before we walked across. To unlock more of my potential came to my mind. For deep within me I knew there was so much more to life than what I had experienced and was familiar with. And so, holding this thought clearly in my mind, I walked across the fire and then I danced and danced again. I experienced the life force, the energy from the fire, flow through me in a way I had not known. I felt truly alive, awake and fully present.

From that moment my life changed. That weekend I met my soul-mate Stephen Mulhearn and within 9 dates we were engaged to be married. 2 years on we had bought Lendrick Lodge and 16 years later the Lodge goes from strength to strength. This story does not just belong to me. It belongs to you too. All of our choices affect the bigger picture in ways we cannot possibly comprehend. If I had thought too much about my decision to firewalk (it’s 7 hours drive away and the usual excuses) then you would probably not be reading this now. Indeed, I may not have met Stephen and right now Lendrick Lodge could well be a timeshare!

Everything we think, feel and do, is a vibration that goes out into the world and has an affect whether we are conscious of it or not.

17 years later I have danced across the fire hundreds of times and facilitated others to do so.

There are some things in this life we simply cannot intellectualise, for they are experiential. To firewalk is to bring this energy coursing through your veins, to move energy blockages where they have stagnated. To bring creativity to the forefront of our minds. To remember joy and togetherness. To laugh and to heal. To hold your vision of your future and to step into it. To remember when life gets too busy we have to step back and reassess. To make those changes so that we can continue to live happily, without allowing the business of life to dampen our spirit and how we move in our world.

And so I invite you to join me in October as I facilitate healing and Chief Suleman Chebe from Africa, who will be filling the air with magical drumming beats to let the metamorphosis of the fire begin.

Upcoming course: Traditional Healing Firewalk of the Ancients – Saturday 22nd October 2016, 6:30pm- 11pm

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