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Reiki Article – The Path Of Reiki, A Beacon of Light with Victoria Mulhearn

Reiki Article – The Path Of Reiki, A Beacon of Light with Victoria Mulhearn

One fateful sunny day 19 years ago in New Zealand I embarked on what was to become a very pinnacle of my existence. I took the first degree Reiki course. Ever since I had been…

One fateful sunny day 19 years ago in New Zealand I embarked on what was to become a very pinnacle of my existence. I took the first degree Reiki course.

Ever since I had been a young child I had always known I was here to make a difference and Reiki has been one of the ways in which this thought as a child became manifest in my twenties and beyond into my forties.

Reflecting back, how many of us as children have these dreams and hopes that we may leave a positive impression. Do something we love and help other people, animals and our planet. I hear this from my own children all the time. It is our natural way of being, to care and love. I was lucky my family nurtured my interests so when the time came I was able to respond to my intuition, which said, that learning Reiki was an important next step in my own unfolding. If this was not the case for you but somewhere deep inside your soul there is still a longing to help others in new ways, to do something even more meaningful with your precious human life then this door remains open with learning Reiki.

Although you can learn the method of applying Reiki in a weekend, the results of bathing yourself in this beautiful universal energy on a regular basis is on-going. Like any skill, the more we engage the richer and deeper our experiences.

I will share with you some of my experience of daily bathing myself in this energy of Reiki over the last 19 years and teaching classes for the last 15.

I can still recall my joyful excitement of the Reiki 1 weekend. To experience different sensations of energy, tingling, temperature differences and to see colours of energy in my visual field. As my practice deepened other sensations became a normal part of my daily practice. Visions, inner guidance, clarity, eyes flickering as my attention was pulled upwards and inwards as I dropped into a meditative state.

Not everyone experiences the Reiki energy as a physical sensation and this is not necessary. My understanding is two fold. One is due to our sensitivity to perceiving energy, which can often increase with practice, and also what level(s) the Reiki is working on. If the Reiki is concentrating for example on bringing our bodies back into alignment after a stressful period, then the emotional and mental body will primarily be receiving the Reiki, so it would make sense that we would not be experiencing the energy on a physical level at that time. I personally percieve that Reiki works on many levels all at the same time.

I strongly believe that Reiki gave me the courage to buy Lendrick Lodge at the tender age of 27. The daily Reiki gave me the clarity, courage, confidence and the ability to listen to my inner voice. Over the years Reiki continues to nurture these parts of me as I face daily decisions on the running of the lodge. The Reiki has taught me to feel out a situation as well as to intellectualise it.

Physically my body is strong and well. When illness or injuries happen as they do in everyone’s life I have a tool to ease my family’s discomforts or mine.

Spiritually, my compassion has grown immensely. I have gained understandings of how our mind causes so much of our suffering and more importantly tools to calm the mind so it becomes more peaceful.

I understand the meaning of my life is to alleviate the suffering of others in whatever way I can at the same time taking time to nourish and nurture my own soul. To know with joyful effort my voice could always be an instrument of peace and positive change. To know there is so much wisdom to discover as I reflect inwards to study who I really am. Plus whether I being truthful to myself with how I am engaging with the world, in my personal, professional and social life.

I have learnt to forgive, to throw away guilt and not to blame, reminding myself that I have created this unique journey of my life and I continue to create it in ways of beauty or suffering depending upon how I think, speak and act. I have learnt that there is no separation between any one of us, so why treat anyone as if there is. And I have also learned that when we get it wrong, to say sorry to take responsibility and know tomorrow is another beautiful day – one in which we can start again.

On a physical level, the years of practicing physiotherapy and up to this present day I have seen the proof that Reiki works on reducing or elevating pain. I have seen many inflammatory conditions improve, flare-ups calm down, anxiety, stress and depression ease and rebalance. Migraines stop or become manageable, shingles (even long standing) becoming resolved, epileptic fits reducing. Self-confidence shine, sleep becomes more natural and healing on many levels unfolding.

This is why I have written this article. Because perhaps the only difference between you and me is that I practice Reiki on a daily basis. By training in first-degree Reiki you will have a tool for life to energise you, to soothe pain when it arises, to give you clarity when confusion comes and strength when you face the challenges ahead. And when you, your family and friends go through a hard time, you can offer Reiki. At times of divorce it can soothe the fragile emotional body.

To give Reiki whilst your friend goes through her/his cancer treatment, possibly easing side-effects from the chemo, relaxing them, loving them with human touch. When your children are stressed with school/ tests/friends/peer pressure Reiki will relax their minds and ease their tension giving you a perfect opportunity to guide them in this busy world, in turn helping to empower them. When gardening our plants can benefit too, our pets, in fact anything that has life force will benefit from Reiki.

Reiki has given me direction in my life, wisdom, energy, and a tool to heal. Where I go, my hands go and when Reiki flows through my hands it is the energy of love. It is this energy that flows through me as I write and if it speaks to your heart then come and experience for yourself the magic of Lendrick Lodge and the first-degree Reiki course. As many of my students have said, learning Reiki is one of the best experiences that have ever happened to them and I echo this completely in my own life.

Victoria Mulhearn

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