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Reiki as an Aid to Dying by Victoria Mulhearn

Reiki as an Aid to Dying by Victoria Mulhearn

Spiritual midwifery, but at the opposite time of life, is how I view the blessed privilege of being able to bathe someone in reiki as they transition. Whether it be someone you love, a patient, a beloved pet or an animal you have accidentally ran over, there can be no denying that Reiki is an expression of love and compassion that supports all of our journeys during these times.

Let me take you back to many years ago whilst working in a hospice. The gentleman’s breathing was becoming distressed, he was no longer conscious and his wife was distraught. Transition was happening quickly. I gently reminded her that our hearing is the last of our senses to leave and to talk to him with love, and reminisce all the joyful happy memories they had shared. Immediately she gathered herself and I explained I would give her husband Reiki.

As I bathed his crown, hands off his breathing immediately settled and as she shared her stories, I can only describe a beautiful peace that descended in the room, as often is the case when people transition. After 20 minutes there were 3 incredible shudders through my hands and he stopped breathing. The nurse came in and confirmed he had passed over. His wife with tears rolling down her cheeks hugged me and thanked me for being part of his journey in this way. I felt an incredible privilege of supporting a soul to pass over so peacefully. To bathe him in this love whilst his wife beautifully loved him is a way in which most of us I am sure would like to transition.

Since then I have reikied many people during the dying phase, some conscious some unconscious. Many of my students have done the same. Each of us finding a peace in knowing there is something we can do and the undeniable truth that Reiki supports our loved ones. Death often renders us with a feeling of hopelessness at a time when we most want to help our loved ones.

For me Reiki at this time as it flows through our being, not only supports the transitioning of the dying, but helps us to tap into our inner strength and courage, in often what can be one of the most difficult times of our life. To let go of those we love most dearly is one of the greatest displays of love we can ever show. It is not easy. Part of us wants to grasp, wants to believe somehow they will come through this. But the truth is when our body can no longer house our soul it is time for us to fly and each of us flies at some point. There are only two certainties in this world, we are born and we each will die, the rest in-between can change in a heartbeat.

I have Reikied two of our beautiful Guiney pigs, one during the active phase of dying and one shortly afterwards. As with all the animals I reiki whilst dying the colours and sensations are always accompanied by intense peace. Often the animal shudders as they let go as I speak of my love for them and guide them through the dying process, often with the transference of consciousness playing in the background. Chanting mantras and thanking them for the joy they have brought whilst Reiking them often means the dying process is not prolonged.

I cannot possibly imagine my life without Reiki. It infuses every part of my being, and in my own death I will find my own peace with my hands upon myself and the firm knowledge that those around me are bathing me in this beautiful energy. The same energy that I have been able to share with so many of you.

Reiki empowers us, enhances our beautiful unique gifts and helps us to tap into our inner strength and courage. It is a gift that I will be forever grateful for in my life, especially to help those in transition and a gift to share with yourself should your heart respond.

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